• A Guide To Common Screws

    Fasteners are complicated, particularly screws. There many variations for screws, so many that it can be hard to figure out what you need, even with the old one in your hand. There are some common standards, and then there are the specialty screws that may or may not be replaced with one of the standard…

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  • How To Repair Damaged Threads

    Just a bit tighter and that should do it….. annnnnnd now it is stripped. Great, that’s not a good situation. You just stripped out a hole in a bracket that you can’t just replace. Now what? You can’t add a nut to the back side because that won’t fit, and you need to get your…

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  • Do you have a drawer full of busted tools? Get some payback and a new Dewalt tool at your local NAPA Auto Parts store

    Has your grinder stopped throwing sparks? Has your cordless drill lost its thrill? If you are like most gearheads (or just a DIY’er), then chances are you have more than one broken or worn out tool lying around the shop. Maybe you intend to rebuild them one day, or just can’t seem to throw away…

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  • 10 Car Paint Prep Tips

    So you finally decided to pull the trigger and paint your car or truck, and you want to do it yourself. Great! Now what? Unfortunately, you can’t just grab some rattle cans and start laying down color, there is a lot to do before you get to that point. Painting a car is a time-consuming…

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  • cutting and grinding metal the right way

    If you work on cars long enough, there will come a time when you need to cut or grind on metal. If you are restoring a car, that time will come sooner rather than later. There are multiple ways to get the job done, and which method you choose often depends on the purpose at…

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  • U-Joint Guide

    The driveshaft in your car connects the transmission to the rear differential and in some cases the front differential. The driveline consists of a slip yoke, the shaft, a bolt-in yoke, and two or more U-joints. The purpose of the U-joint is to adjust for the working angles of the suspension. They are the weak…

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  • fuel pump

    There are numerous components inside your car that are rarely given a single thought, parts like the brake booster, radiator thermostat, or the fuel pump. These parts are hidden away, doing their job until the day comes that they don’t. That is when those parts quickly become a burden. The fuel pump is one of…

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  • common automotive fasteners

    Hey there everyone, step right up to the never ending bin of automotive fasteners! This magical bin is filled with every nut, bolt, washer, or screw you could ever possibly need. Don’t worry about grades or threads, any nut will do…or so you might think. In reality, the circus side show of fasteners is fraught with…

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  • how a camshaft works

    Other than carburetors, there is nothing more mystical than how a camshaft works. Often dismissed as voodoo or magic, the brains of your engine is only mysterious to the uninitiated. Once you understand the basics, it is really isn’t rocket science.

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  • how to bleed a hydraulic clutch

    There are three methods used by auto manufacturers to actuate the clutch diaphragm in manual transmission vehicles: push rod, cable, and hydraulic. Adjusting push rod and cable-type linkages is fairly simple, but hydraulic clutches require bleeding when installing a new hydraulic throwout bearing. Here’s what you need to know about how to bleed a hydraulic…

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