• zip ties guide

    Zippity-doo-da, zippity-yay, I’m gonna organize some wiring today! Cable ties, or zip ties as they are more commonly known, may be one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.  Invented in 1958 by Thomas & Betts, zip ties were branded Ty-Rap, and were designed for securing wiring in airplanes. Today, there are many…

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  • Punch & Chisel Guide

    Working on your own vehicle means having a lot of different tools, going far beyond those found in the typical tool kits and kitchen drawer. When it comes to specialty tools, there are many different types and uses, using the wrong one can not only damage the tool, but it can make your project take…

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  • how to use JB Weld ExtremeHeat

    Some of the most difficult to repair parts are the ones that must endure very high temperatures. Sure, the engine block may hit 180-220 degrees, but that is nothing compared to the extreme heat suffered by the exhaust, where temps can easily reach 1,200 degrees on a standard non-high-performance engine. Performance engines, such as supercharged…

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  • mothers_powerball4paint

    Washing your car is a time-honored tradition among automotive enthusiasts. While many people simply pump quarters (more like dollars) into automated machines, if you want to get your car truly clean, you need to wash it by hand. The deep clean that helps keep your car’s paint looking good year after year also means applying…

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  • how to install a helicoil insert

    You are just about finished with your most recent maintenance project, one more bolt to tighten and…. dang it, wouldn’t you know the threads just blew out in the cylinder head. You remove the bolt and it is coated with aluminum, which means that the threads in the head are stripped, not the bolt. Now…

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  • JB_weld_RTV_guide

    If you have done any amount of DIY auto mechanics or maintenance, you have likely been around RTV silicone. Also known as gasket maker, RTV silicone has many purposes in the automotive world, but it is mostly used to seal parts together. What you may not know is that there are several types of RTV…

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  • new driver tips

    As the parent of the newly-licensed driver, your life just became very different. Your little one has reached the age of driving, and while they are excited to get out and explore the world on their own, you are likely a nervous mess of emotion. There are so many questions you ask yourself “did I…

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  • 3M_intake_system_cleaner

    Engines are dirty. Everything about them involves an accumulation of dirt, grit, carbon, and gunk on every component. While that can be tolerated on the outside, it does not work so well on the inside of the engine…

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  • DitchPig® Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

    Getting stuck in the mud, snow, or sand is usually no fun. Whether from adverse driving conditions or just part of a fun weekend adventure, when the tires are spinning but you are going nowhere, the fun times tend to drop off pretty fast. Nobody enjoys digging a car out of the mud, which is…

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  • how to use JB Weld windshield repair kit

    Cruising along the highway, you are stuck behind a cement truck. Practicing safe driving, you have allowed two full car lengths between you and the truck. Suddenly, the tranquil serenity inside your car is shattered as a small stone gets kicked up by the truck and dings your windshield. Sometime these are glancing blows that…

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