• CRC 1Tank fuel system cleaner

    As your vehicle ages, buildup inside your engine’s fuel system increases. Over time, this buildup can seriously reduce the power and efficiency of the engine. This is mainly due to the varying quality of the fuel. Name-brand gasoline brands such as Texaco, Conoco, etc, use different additives and formulations to reduce the contaminants, but generic…

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    Beginning in the 1970s, GM started using a specialized weather-resistant terminal design called “Weather Pack”. This modular terminal system was designed to seal the wires and terminals from corrosion. These are very common in vehicles built from the 1970s up to the mid 90s. In the 1990s, Weather Pack terminals gave way to the upgraded version…

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  • how to use Sea Foam

    Over time, the internals of your engine get clogged up with all kinds of nasty stuff. Inside the crankcase, where the oil lives, varnish and tar build up on the surfaces of the pistons, rings, lifters and in the oil galleys that supply the oil to all the components. This lowers the engine’s ability to…

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  • how to use Bondo properly

    There is not a more maligned automotive product than “bondo”. Plastic body filler is most often referred to by the brand name “Bondo” (made by 3M), and its bad reputation comes from decades of poor application and misuse. Every high-end custom car or restoration has body filler on it. Using it on your daily driver or project…

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  • how to repair an air hose

    Just when you expect it the least, POP!, your air hose springs a leak. Hopefully it doesn’t just blow apart and the end connected to the compressor whips at your legs like an angry cobra, but rather a small leak. Regardless of the situation, you still need to fix it. You could go out and…

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  • power steering flush

    Does your power steering system moan and groan when you are trying to pull into a parking space? Does your driveway have the tell-tale dark spots of a power steering leak? Or are you just wanting to head off these problems before they take hold in your car? If you answered yes to any of…

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  • how to remove a rusted bolt

    Rusted bolts stink. It doesn’t matter if the car is just a few years old or 50, there will always be rusted or seized nuts and bolts somewhere on the car. Murphy’s Law dictates that you will find those bolts when you are in the biggest hurry to complete a project. There are many ways…

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  • tire repair

    Flats tend to happen at the worst time in the worst places. If you are on the road or outside of normal business hours and your vehicle has a flat and the spare is missing or no good, you might feel stranded, but there is an option- emergency tire repair. This is something that anybody…

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  • how to fix a tailgate handle

    Saturday morning, you pull up to the local lumber yard with your list of supplies needed to finish the deck, replace those busted sprinkler heads, or whatever you have been putting off for months. Your shopping cart is loaded down with tons of home-repair goodies. You reach for the handle on the tailgate of your…

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  • 3M Accuspray Paint Gun

    If you like to lay down your own paint, then you should probably own a paint gun. The problem is that there are about 5 bajillion brands and styles of paint guns out there, making it tough to decide on what gun you need. For the average DIY gearhead, this can send your brain into…

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