• How to double flare brake lines

    I still remember the first time I had to put a double-flare on a hard steel line. My dad and I were doing a brake job on our 1987 Suburban. The rear hard line for the wheel cylinder had rusted up and the nut was stripped. We had no choice but to cut it off…

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  • How To Rebuild A GM 8.5” 10-Bolt Rear Differential

    If transmissions are shrouded in mystery, then the rear differential follows on its coattails. Unlike transmission building, rebuilding a rear end is basic nuts and bolts stuff, but that comes a caveat- the set up is the tricky part. Backlash, pinion depth and wear patterns are science and art mixed together, and there are a…

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  • Supercharge your lawn moewr

    For most of us, mowing the lawn is a necessary chore that we must undertake every couple of weeks in order to keep the grass under control and the Homeowners Association hawks at bay. Unless you hire a service or a neighborhood kid to take on this task, it is up to you to get…

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  • brake upgrade

    Braking performance is critical for every vehicle on the road, yet it is far too often overlooked until something goes wrong. Brake pads wear down, calipers develop leaks and rotors get scarred, all of these can be avoided with some preventative maintenance and paying attention to your brakes. Eventually, however, you will have to replace…

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  • body bushing replacement

    Most modern cars are built as a single shell, where the body is also the frame. This is called “unibody”. Older vehicles, typically 1996 and older, and almost all years of trucks, are built with separate bodies and a frame chassis. The frame holds the engine, suspension and the supports the body with rubber bushings, anywhere…

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  • How to de-ice your windshield

    As you grab your coat to head out the door, your coffee spills and burns your hand. You have a half-eaten doughnut in your mouth which hits the floor as you yelp in pain. You shake it off and get out the door only to find that Mother Nature has yet again blessed your day…

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  • How to paint an engine

    Engine heat wreaks havoc on paint, even the paint on the hood can fade from the heavy dose of radiant heat from the hot engine below. How well do you think that rattle-can paint job is going to last? We have sprayed engines with spray cans, even the high-heat versions, only to see cracks, flakes and…

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  • how to change a thermostat

    A thermostat that is stuck closed will quickly cause your engine to overheat. When the thermostat gets stuck open, your engine takes considerably longer to warm up. You will notice this in the winter because the heater will blow ice cubes out of the vents and your toes will go numb, not exactly happy fun…

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  • man digging up stuck in snow car

    With winter’s grasp firmly upon us, the issue of getting stuck becomes more prominent in our daily lives. Whether you are just slipping a little or the wheels are buried to the axles, these 10 tips on how to get your car unstuck are not only helpful, but can prove to be a lifesaver. All…

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  • 11 trailer towing tips

    There are many reasons to hook a trailer to your car or truck. Whether it is for work, recreation or out of necessity, safe trailering is important. Here are 11 trailer towing tips to keep you safe on the road. 1. Use proper loading techniques If you are loading a trailer with a vehicle or materials, proper…

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