• Vehicle Chassis Lubrication

    An often forgotten task of vehicle maintenance is chassis lubrication. 50 years ago, it was part of the oil change process, mainly because it had to be. If you didn’t lube your bushings and kingpins, your car became very unsafe in quick order. Today’s modern components do not require regular greasing, but that doesn’t mean…

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  • Inside A NAPA Brake Package

    Brake jobs are necessary part of automobile ownership. Whether you take your ride to a NAPA AutoCare Center or prefer to handle the task yourself, a NAPA Brake Package is the simplest way to get all the parts you need in one purchase. Available for most makes and models, the NAPA Rotor and Pad kits…

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  • Know-How Notes: How to Install Freeze Plugs

    Your engine block is full of holes to the outside world. These holes are part of the casting process, where the sand is poured out of the completed block casting. Most of these holes are in the cavity that is used by the cooling system, known as the water jackets. You can’t just leave those…

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  • Know-How Notes: Braided Hose End Guide

    Braided hoses are often necessary for high-pressure applications, such as power steering lines and some fuel systems. While OEM application hoses can be purchased assembled, sometime you have to build your own. Most NAPA Auto Parts Stores carry a wide variety of braided hoses and fittings, including the kind that you can install yourself. There…

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  • Know-How Notes: How to cut braided hose

    Nothing says horsepower like an engine compartment dressed with stainless steel braided hoses. Of course, nothing hurts like stabbing your fingers with the frayed edges of a braided hose. The pain of dealing with these things is worth it, especially when you need high-pressure lines that are durable. Nothing beats the abrasion resistance of a…

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  • Know-How Notes: How to cut metal tubing

    Work with cars long enough and you will have to cut some tubing. Whether you just need to replace a fitting with stripped threads, replace an entire hard line, or need to build an exhaust system you will need to cut metal tubing cleanly with precision. This may require special tools, depending on what you are…

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  • Know-How Notes: Exhaust Clamps and Hangers

    Unless you have to replace the entire exhaust system, basic maintenance of your vehicle’s exhaust system can be done with just a few hand tools and the right parts. But what parts are the right parts? There all kinds of different components in the exhaust. The big pieces—mufflers, pipes, and catalytic converters require cutting and…

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  • Know-How Notes: Using a Radiator Vacuum Tool

    Vehicle cooling systems are fairly simple, we have covered nearly every aspect of them in various articles here over the years, whether it is diagnostics, servicing, or even just general knowledge of how they function, you can find it on the Know How Blog. When you learn about something new, you feel the need to…

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  • 2018 SEMA show

    The 2018 Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, more commonly known as SEMA holds an annual trade show in Las Vegas the first week of November. It is the largest automotive convention in the world, and it just keeps getting bigger. The caveat is that this show is not open to the public, so it is often…

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  • 2018 SEMA Show: Pure Muscle

    Muscle cars are the driving force behind the entire automotive aftermarket. Sure, there are other vehicle types, but the main focus for the entire industry begins with the muscle car. Whether it is for one of the originals or more at home installed on a late-model version, all of the performance parts begin in the…

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