• how to cut sheet metal - using a plasma cutter for example

    Whether it is a restoration, quick repair, or shop art project, knowing how to cut sheet metal is part of being a DIYer. Getting the job done safely with all your parts intact and that red stuff on the inside where it belongs is pretty dang important. There are many ways to cut sheet metal, which…

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  • How to sharpen a lawn mower blade

    Nicked and dull lawn mower blades make an already dreaded task even hard to accomplish. Instead of slicing through the grass, a dull blade rips the grass. This slows down the engine, leaves more uncut grass in the yard (which looks cut but pops back up in a few hours), and makes you work twice…

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  • Fiberglass Repair with JB Weld Plastic Bonder

    Dealing with fiberglass repair is no fun, but unfortunately it is a necessary part of owning a fiberglass-bodied car, especially a classic like a C2 Corvette. The C2 was built from 1963 through 1967 and is considered by many to be the ultimate in Corvettes. The problem is that the very nature of fiberglass is that…

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  • Alternate Source: Inside An Alternator

    Your vehicle’s electrical system is quite complex. Modern cars have miles of wire, multiple computers and sensors on every possible component, even the suspension can have sensors monitoring the movements. All of this puts a serious strain on the charging system. We have previously discussed the battery and how that works, but the other half…

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  • How To Use a Digital Multimeter

    In the old days, the method of choice for checking a circuit was to grab the test light and start probing. While a test light has its place, many times you can actually do more damage by using a test light, especially on today’s high-tech electronics. What you need is a digital multimeter, or DMM…

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  • How to Use a Die Grinder

    One of the most versatile tools you need in your toolbox is the die grinder. Named from their beginnings in the tool and die pattern making industry, die grinders are high-speed rotary tools that are used to shape various substrates. You can use a die grinder on just about anything, from cast iron and steel…

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  • How To Use a Torque Wrench

    While many automotive fasteners on your vehicle do not require accurate torquing, the critical components certainly do, such as suspension, engine, and drivetrain components. If you do not use a torque wrench, you probably are not getting those bolts tight enough, or in some cases, too tight. Both of which are really not good. Knowing…

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  • hammer and dolly guide

    Working out a dent or wave in a body panel is not easy. It requires a deft hand, a sharp eye, and the ability to feel the imperfections in the panel itself. That should not stop you from trying, as no one is born knowing how to do those things. The art of the hammer…

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  • Top Ten Garage Supplies

    Just like the most commonly used kitchen supplies, there are staple garage supplies that should be in every garage or shop no matter what kind of work you do, whether you are a professional mechanic, hobbyist, or a typical DIYer that prefers to work on their own vehicle. Most of the time you don’t even…

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  • garage safety

    Okay look, we don’t want to beat a dead horse, but it is better than beating a dead mechanic. Garage safety is paramount to anything else you will ever do. Losing a finger or an eye would be devastating, but losing your life because you didn’t follow protocol is the worst thing that can happen in your garage…

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