• 2018 SEMA show

    The 2018 Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, more commonly known as SEMA holds an annual trade show in Las Vegas the first week of November. It is the largest automotive convention in the world, and it just keeps getting bigger. The caveat is that this show is not open to the public, so it is often…

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  • 2018 SEMA Show: Pure Muscle

    Muscle cars are the driving force behind the entire automotive aftermarket. Sure, there are other vehicle types, but the main focus for the entire industry begins with the muscle car. Whether it is for one of the originals or more at home installed on a late-model version, all of the performance parts begin in the…

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  • 2018 SEMA Show: Wild Rides

    If you want to see some the craziest stuff there is, then the SEMA Show is the place to see it. You can see all kinds of wild stuff at the biggest car shows on the planet, such as the Grand National Roadster Show, the Detroit Autorama, and Goodguys events, but if you want to…

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  • 2018 SEMA Show: Monster Trucks!!!

    Unless you have been living under a rock (which may or may not have been driven over by one of these trucks), you probably know that the truck scene has taken hold of the custom vehicle world, and is not looking to ease up any time soon. While your local cruise night is sure to…

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  • how to sharpen drill bits

    The easy way is often described by old-timers as the wrong way, but that isn’t always the case. Another way to put it is that there is the right tool for every job, and the same applies to sharpening drill bits. There is a right way to do it, and there is the best way…

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  • How To Make A Custom Radiator Hose

    A big part of DIY automotive work is non-standard applications. Whether it is an emergency repair, an engine swap, or a complete custom project, sometimes you just have to make what you need because it can’t be purchased off the shelf. One of the most frustrating parts of an engine project is the radiator hoses….

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  • How To Make Custom Exhaust Gaskets

    Exhaust gaskets are a pain, no matter how you slice it. When you have a leaky manifold, header, or flange gasket, all you hear is that annoying “tick tick tick tick tick” whenever you are driving. Replacing the gasket is not that hard, the right gasket is the key to the entire job. Most of…

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  • wheel cylinder replacement tips

    Unlike the front brakes on your car, the rear brakes only perform about 20-30 percent of the braking action. Where this causes an issue is when the rear brakes are not performing at their peak due to worn shoes or a bad wheel cylinder. Because they don’t handle the majority of the braking, it can…

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  • Know-How Notes: How to Use a Clutch Alignment Tool

    Installing a new clutch is an exercise in frustration, mainly because you have to manhandle a giant transmission underneath your car. The last thing you want to do is have to start all over because the clutch disc slipped out of alignment and won’t engage with the input shaft. Save yourself some time and effort…

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  • How to Drill Holes

    You may not believe it, but there is a lot more to drilling holes that just a drill and a bit. Sure, you can make a hole, but if you want your hole to be in the right spot and your drill bits to last, there are some techniques that you should learn. How you…

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