• What's In A Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Kit?

    Inside your engine is a set of valves that open and close inside the combustion chamber. This is what allows fresh fuel and air to enter the chamber and the spent gases to escape into the exhaust. When everything is working well, these operations occur a few thousand times a minute. When something goes wrong,…

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  • How To Install A Battery Tray

    Your car’s battery is necessary in order for your vehicle to operate, but at the same time, the very nature of that battery is slowly destroying your car. No, this isn’t clickbait, this is about the corrosion that batteries cause under the hood. Here’s how to install a battery tray once yours has gone beyond repair. Corrosion…

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  • Sea Foam Deep Creep

    You’ve had it. That bolt is stuck, your car is never going to be repaired, so you may as well grab your title and head to the dealership to buy a new one. Just about every DIY mechanic has had this conversation in their own head at least once, if not a million times. However,…

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  • How to Fill Trim Holes

    Customizing your car often means filling unwanted holes in your exterior sheet metal. This is most often the case as you will need to fill trim holes once the trim is removed. Even newer vehicles sometimes use alignment holes to secure trim or badges to the body, but every older car (pre-90s) is going to have some…

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  • common radiator failures

    With summer on the horizon, we start thinking about road trips and summer drives with family and friends. You make sure the luggage is packed, the oil is changed, and the tires are aired up, but what about the radiator? Nothing exposes cooling system issues like summer swelter. To help you keep your road trip…

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  • Emergency Toolbox

    Summer roads carry thousands of families traveling the highways and byways of these United States, searching for fun and togetherness in the sun. Along with that, the roads come with different perils during the summer months. The asphalt is hotter, there is more traffic, and the air is hotter and more dense. While that makes…

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  • How to Avoid Engine Overheating

    We have all passed by some sad sap on the side of the road, hood up, steam rolling out, driver just standing there with a hand on their head wondering how they got there. Usually, we just think to ourselves “phew, glad that isn’t me” as we glance at the gauges just to check and make sure they are all good. While breakdowns happen, there are things you can do…

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  • How To Remove Bugs From Your Windshield

    It never seems to fail, you just spent 10 minutes scrubbing your windshield and not five minutes down the road SPLAT!, you are back to square one. Oh well, on to the next gas station for another round of de-bugging. It doesn’t have to be this way though, there are products available to help remove…

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  • Emergency Tire Repair

    Tires are one of the most expensive consumables that you will replace on your vehicle. Their very nature is to provide grip for traveling the road at their own expense. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the lifespan of the tire, but eventually all tires wear out. While that is common knowledge,…

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  • How to Use Seafoam Hydra Trans Tune

    Automatic transmissions are complicated components; in fact they are one of the most complicated devices in your car. Before computer-controls, automatic transmissions were even more complicated…

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