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Know How for all means knowing the right maintenance schedule for all your vehicles. We’ve leveraged over 90 years of experience to help you maintain your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, lawn mower, ATV, snowmobile, and more. Regardless of whether you do all your own maintenance in your home garage or trust the experts at your local NAPA AutoCare, we’ve got the knowledge you need to keep everything running in top condition. Changing your oil on a regular basis is key to long engine life, but so is a fresh air filter. Don’t forget to check your brakes on a regular basis. Maintaining a vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult when NAPA Know How is on your side.

A bad EGR valve can cause serious problems.

What Are the Signs of a Bad EGR Valve?

The air around us is a veritable cocktail of several gasses. Oxygen gets the most attention, but nitrogen actually outstrips it in volume, and there are several others rounding out the atmosphere. As engines rely on the intake of atmospheric air for the combustion process, this chemical makeup and its characteristics must be… Continue Reading What Are the Signs of a Bad EGR Valve?