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Meet Kimberly Hammack, Delivery Driver Extraordinaire

, Meet Kimberly Hammack, Delivery Driver Extraordinaire, NAPA Know How Blog, NAPA Know How Blog

Meet Kimberly Hammack, Delivery Driver Extraordinaire in Buford, GA and one of our Best Parts at NAPA!  We interviewed Kimberly about her successful career here at NAPA and asked her what advice she would give others who are interested in or never considered working for NAPA. Let’s meet Kimberly…..

NAPA – What is your current job?

Kimberly – Delivery Driver  


NAPA – What are you responsible for in your current role?  NAPA-4877a

Kimberly – I truly utilize my customer service skills by working in dispatch and delivering vital parts to a wide variety of customers. I utilize my time in the storefront and the back of the store. I help my coworkers when possible in all areas of customer service, pulling parts, maintaining dispatch, customer’s needs, and so much more. No need to worry, this all sounds like a lot, but with practice, it can flow like a well-oiled machine!


NAPA – What position(s) have you held at NAPA?

Kimberly –  I was hired on as a delivery driver and have been in this position for about 1 year and 4 months and I see so much more opportunity. I have already been offered a counter position, which I may accept in the future. At NAPA, the possibilities are endless.


NAPA – Do you have to love cars and know everything about a car to work at NAPA?

Kimberly I’m personally glad we do not have to know everything about a car to work at NAPA, but every bit of knowledge is helpful and can further assist in helping find exactly what a customer needs. NAPA offers training for this, so even with minimal knowledge, AND willing to learn, your skills can soar!


NAPA – Who do you think would be a good fit as a Delivery Driver for NAPA?

Kimberly – I think anyone that has a great attitude, loves helping others, and maintains a great work ethic, has awesome potential for being a NAPA driver and employee!


NAPA – What challenges have you faced working at NAPA?   

Kimberly – The challenges I have experienced are ‘what to do in a certain situation’. I recently encountered this and felt it would be better for the customer to contact my manager for a ‘best answer’. Otherwise, one of the things I like to do is gather all needed information so that troubleshooting can be completed and get back to them in a timely manner.


NAPA – What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NAPA and what type of people (skill sets, personality, etc.) does NAPA look for to work here?  

Kimberly My advice to others wanting to work for NAPA is to always have a great attitude, a smile, helping hand, and a teamwork mentality. One cannot win a game by themselves; neither can a store be operated successfully by a single individual.


NAPA – Finally, we asked Kimberly what she does for fun when she is not working at NAPA?

Kimberly – I like to unwind by listening to music, spending time with and visiting family, taking road trips to the mountains or beaches to enjoy this marvelously made Earth. I love home improvement projects, racing, football and other sports and amusement parks! Nevertheless, whether at work or not, I do find an interest in different makes and models of cars. There are lots to see in this business. One thing I can truly appreciate is seeing an older car such as a ’60’s convertible Thunderbird, or ’60’s GTO and others. This ties into my job because when one does proper maintenance on a vehicle, we can enjoy its true value in later years.

Thank you Kimberly. We enjoyed interviewing you!

Want to learn more about the many career lanes available at NAPA and work with great people like Kimberly? Please visit our career site at and apply. Also, please check out this day in the life video of Kimberly talking about what it is like to be a NAPA Delivery Driver.


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