Meet Mark Meadows, District Operations Manager

Meet Mark Meadows, District Operations Manager in Richmond, VA and one of our Best Parts at NAPA!  We interviewed Mark about his career, what it is like to work at NAPA, including awesome career opportunities that you may not have known existed, and also great interviewing advice that he has for job seekers! Let’s meet Mark…..

NAPA – What is your current job?

Mark – District Operations Manager-NAPA Richmond Virginia

NAPA – What are you responsible for in your current role?

Mark –  I balance assets to revenue to achieve optimum return on investment for our division leaders. I support NAPA Richmond to achieve sales, profit and inventory turnover quotas for the district local stores. I do this with a balance of people passion and profit passion.

NAPA What position(s) have you held at NAPA?

Mark –  I signed my offer letter one year ago and started as an Associate District Manager for the Charleston West Virginia Operation and promoted in April 2016 to District Operations Manager for NAPA Richmond.

NAPA What type of job did you have prior to coming to NAPA and what industry did you come from?  

Mark –  I was the Regional Training Manager for Yum Brands Foods Pizza Hut in Charleston WV. I was part of a two person team that took every new salaried manager through the roles and responsibilities of running a Corporate owned and operated Yum Brands Foods Pizza Hut unit.

NAPA What is it like working for NAPA?

Mark –  Working for NAPA is the most rewarding job I have had thus far in my early career. Every day you learn so much about people, process and products. I learn at least 5 things I did not know yesterday. As I learn more, I am able to help lead NAPA Richmond more effectively and efficiently. We are so lucky to have the “Know How” we have here at NAPA Richmond.

NAPA – Do you have any advice for job seekers when looking for a job and/or company to work for?

Mark –  Yes, do not go to a job just for money. Find a job that gives you passion for what you do, a big enough run way to grow and take off and that can reward you for meeting your goals and expectations. NAPA will compensate you in the soul and in the wallet if you can meet and exceed expectations.

NAPA – What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is preparing for an interview?

Mark –  Be yourself! Be honest with your strengths and your opportunities for growth. Be able to articulate what you can uniquely bring to the table and how you can help your prospective employer meet their goals with people and profits.

NAPA What type of career path could someone have by joining NAPA’s Executive Management Trainee Program (EMT)?  

Mark –  NAPA has such a long run way. You can become a Territory Sales Manager, Stockroom Manager, Service Manager, Operations Manager or Sales Manager. After your training program, you will know what you are good at and how you can best contribute to the end result NAPA is looking to achieve.

NAPA – Do you have to love cars and know everything about a car to work at NAPA?

Mark –  Absolutely not, I came from the food industry with a passion to learn. If you are willing and honest to learn something unique and recession proof, NAPA will teach you all you need to know to be successful.

NAPA – What is the culture/value at NAPA?  

Mark –  We are company that believes in “passion for parts and customers” coupled with doing this in a manner of high integrity. We have the “know how” for our do-it-yourself crew and the know how to help service our wholesale customers. Both get expert help with high standard of integrity.  

NAPA – What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NAPA and what type of people (skill sets, personality, etc.) does NAPA look for to work here?  

Mark –  Positive attitude and willingness to learn. We have so many folks that work at NAPA that had little to no parts knowledge. Now they worked their way up to Store Manager, District Manager and even General Manager. Positive attitude, good work ethic and willingness to learn is what NAPA is looking for.

NAPA What makes you successful in your position at NAPA?

Mark –  I love people. I believe business is a game and the team with the best players win. What I have a niche for is building great teams, instilling a vision, establishing behaviors to see the vision through and providing rewards for doing so may seem elementary but this has made me successful thus far in my career

NAPA – Finally, we asked Mark what he does for fun when not working at NAPA?

Mark –  I have a beautiful wife Jama and two kids Mallory and Landon. When I am not working at NAPA, I am doing activities with my family.

Thank you Mark. We enjoyed interviewing you!

Want to learn more about the many career lanes available at NAPA and work with great people like Mark? Please visit our career site at and apply.

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