Meet Troy Felder, Human Resources Manager

Meet Troy Felder, Human Resources Manager in Atlanta, GA and one of our Best Parts at NAPA!  We interviewed Troy about his career, what it is like to work at NAPA, including awesome career opportunities that you may not have known existed, and also great interviewing advice that he has for job seekers! Let’s meet Troy…..

NAPA – What is your current job?

Troy – Human Resources Manager in Norcross, Georgia    

NAPA – What are you responsible for in your current role?  

Troy – I have two assistants on my team and we are responsible for human capital management for both the DC and Company Owned Stores group (620+ employees).  I am very involved in various aspects of hiring, benefits, training, networking, just to name a few. You get to do so much in HR at NAPA.

NAPA – What position(s) have you held at NAPA?

Troy – I have been with the Company just over a year and half. HR Manager has been my only role.

NAPA – What type of job did you have prior to coming to NAPA and what industry did you come from?  

Troy – I have been in direct HR Management for almost 6 years, having come to NAPA from the paint and consumer goods industry.

NAPAWhat do you see as the biggest mistake that job seekers do in looking for a job and/or interviewing?

Troy – Job seekers often limit their prospects by having tunnel vision on specific companies and industries. Opportunity is not restricted by such criteria and allowing that focus to bleed over into interviews is equally problematic.

NAPAWhat is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is preparing for an interview?

Troy – Prepare and be yourself. Preparation for and practice responding to interview questions will get you high marks from even the toughest hiring manager. Be yourself, relax and smile. If you are sitting in a face to face interview, that often means you are qualified to do the job, the interview helps to determine fit most often.

NAPA What type of career path could someone have by joining NAPA’s Executive Management Trainee Program (EMT).  

Troy – The career experience that is in high demand for EMT’s is associate level in the broad sense, while trending towards operational management. We have a need for college graduates, with 1-2 years of experience, interested in entering a hands-on training program to learn the essential functions within the NAPA distribution network. The Executive Management Trainee program requires individuals that are adaptable, self-motivated, relocatable and detail-oriented…capable of moving into future functional management positions and beyond.

NAPA – Do you have to love cars and know everything about a car to work at NAPA?

TroyNo you don’t. We are interested in attracting good people, not just parts people!

NAPA – What is the culture/value at NAPA?   

Troy – Hard working, High Performing, Prudent, Customer Driven, Team Orientated…Built on Integrity and Trust

NAPA – What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NAPA and what type of people (skill sets, personality, etc.) does NAPA look for to work here?  

Troy – I would encourage anyone that has a strong interest in learning, growth and stability, to take a hard look at NAPA! Skill sets that encompass initiative, adaptability, and genuine work ethic…tie well with personalities that are personable, customer-focused and inclusive! Opportunities abound in multiple functional areas: including retail/outside sales, distribution/logistics and Integrated Business Solutions.

NAPA What makes you successful in your position at NAPA?

Troy – Leadership support and collaboration are key to my success. I then translate that into nurturing a connection to my employees, by being relatable and available.

NAPA – Finally, we asked Troy what he does for fun when he is not working at NAPA?

Troy – I enjoy laughing and playing with my two young sons, traveling and shopping with my wife and the occasional round of golf!  

Thank you Troy. We enjoyed interviewing you!

Want to learn more about the many career lanes available at NAPA and work with great people like Troy? Please visit our career site at and apply.

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