NAPA AutoCare Corner: What Is A Head Gasket?

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Your engine is a busy place – akin to say a packed dance hall on a Saturday night.

Think about it like this: the engine proper is like the venue and the cylinder heads, cams and valves are like rooms within it which are essential to maintaining the atmosphere. These rooms could include: bar rooms, dance areas, VIP suites and more.

Extrapolating further – let’s say that we are in the middle of a real life version of Westside Story – but it’s all taking place in a dance call called: “The Engine Block”. The “Sharks” faction represent your engine oil – this fluid comes up from the engine block to lubricate parts in the cylinder head. Adversely, the “Jets” faction represent your coolant, which circulates through the engine block and the head to cool the engine. Within the block: air, fuel and exhaust – which belong in the combustion chamber – circulate apart from one another as well. Let’s say these three elements represent the rest of the party…

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