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We’ve all heard the expression, “Out with the old. In with the new”.

Not only is this a great saying to explain the feelings we have at the start of a new year – it also allows us the freedom to evolve and grow from the things that held us back the year before. Each New Year, we commit to things about ourselves that we wish to change in the form of “Resolutions”. These can be a wide variety of habits, behaviors or relationships that we make a personal pledge to improve, remove, complete, or start upon.

Whatever the decision to “resolve” is, it requires us to continually act in the interests of the desired outcome, much like a conveyor belt on an assembly line. So long as we behave with our resolution in mind, we will get closer and closer to achieving our goals. If the conveyor keeps moving, progress in the form of output, continually grows. If the belt stops, due to wear or disuse then output slows, performance is lost and the goal won’t be met.

Just as we can go through a cycle of wear in moving forward with our resolutions, so do the Serpentine Belts in our vehicles…

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