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NAPA and Chase Elliott Celebrate Old Car Champions

Winning doesn’t always happen at the track, sometimes it happens on the way to baseball practice. That’s why NAPA and Chase Elliott are celebrating the real life wins that happen every day thanks to NAPA AUTO PARTS. Did your minivan stop on a dime thanks to a set of new NAPA brake pads? Was your sedan ready to roll to that important meeting this morning thanks to a trusty NAPA Legend battery? Did your teenager ace their driving test in the old family hauler that was in top shape thanks to a steady regimen of NAPA KNOW HOW? That’s the kind of winning that makes a difference in your life and NAPA wants to be there every step of the way.

In our latest marketing campaign, we invited Chase Elliott to turn the tables and interview people about the winning that they do every day. These champions of the carpool lane and stop and go traffic, push their cars to the limit over and over, something Chase Elliott knows a lot about.

When the day is done and your car has given its best again, celebrate like Chase and stand tall knowing that with NAPA KNOW HOW, the race is already won. Visit your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store or for all the quality parts you need to keep your trusty daily driver running like a champion.

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  • SallyT

    July 22, 2017 at 9:35 PM


    Love it! The ONLY thing about not being able to watch race broadcasts on network TV are the great race sponsor commercials.
    (Yeah…i’m a geek that way)
    Thanks, NAPA Know-How Blogger! NAPA commercials are always such fun. 😊


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