Ringbrothers Prestone AMX

Prestone – Ringbrothers Custom 1972 AMX Javelin Build: Part 6

The Ringbrothers and Prestone are planning on giving their 1972 AMX Javelin a serious altitude adjustment. Getting the stance right on a custom car build is everything. Lowering a car isn’t just about torching the springs until it drops, a builder must also take into consideration how the suspension will move and tuck up under the body. Get it right and you have the perfect stance. Get it wrong and you can throw off the entire look of a car.

You can check out the first video, the second video, the third video, the fourth video, the fifth video, the sixth video, and get a little history on the 1972 AMX Javelin by clicking here. Make sure to check out the full line of Prestone products at your local NAPA AutoParts store, or ask for them by name at your local NAPA AutoCare Center.

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