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Prestone – Ringbrothers Custom 1972 AMX Javelin Build: Part 7


The Ringbrothers and Prestone are now turning their attention to the interior of the custom 1972 AMX Javelin build. The stock factory interior was already a fantastic design, so how do Mike and Jim Ring put their own twist on it? By respecting what people loved about the original, but adding in their own custom touches along the way. While the driver is busy with a full compliment of gauges and controls, the brave passenger is left to sit down, shut up, and hold on!

You can check out the first video, the second video, the third video, the fourth video, the fifth video, the sixth video, and get a little history on the 1972 AMX Javelin by clicking here. Make sure to check out the full line of Prestone products at your local NAPA AutoParts store, or ask for them by name at your local NAPA AutoCare Center.

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