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4 Best Cordless Tools For The Advanced DIYer

Cordless tools. The best cordless tools make any job that much shorter and simpler to accomplish.

The best cordless tools add convenience to any project for DIY fans, all without detracting from efficiency or capability at the moments you need them most. The ability to work in almost any environment without having to worry about being tangled up in a cord, or even where the location of the nearest wall outlet might be, make battery-powered tools an attractive option.

So, which cordless tools are the most appealing to experienced do-it-yourselfers? Check out our answers below.

1. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are among the best cordless tools due to their versatility. Looking to remove a bit of material from a wall joist, vehicle frame, body component, or metal railing to improve fit? A grinder will get the job done. Want to cut or level an uneven surface? Again, a grinder can step in and save the day. Everything you can accomplish with a hand-held file can be done in a quarter of the time and with significantly less elbow grease with a cordless angle grinder, and without the need for a plug or a cable, you’ll be able to fit into tighter spaces better.

2. Reciprocating Saw

Cordless tool with battery

Making straight incisions into any material is much easier if you can approach it with exactly the right angle. Using a cordless reciprocating saw lets you achieve exactly that, as you’ll have total freedom of movement. Varying sizes of the tool can also give you the ability to work in areas where a larger, corded saw might not have been nearly as convenient or safe.

3. Cut-Off

Like the angle grinder, one of the cordless tools for saving you time on a project is a battery-powered cut-off. Cut-offs add a degree of simplicity by typically requiring only one hand to operate, making them ideal for smaller jobs where an angle grinder would be overkill. They are also excellent for making tight cuts close to the surface of a piece of wood or metal, adding precision and speed when removing things like nails, bolts, and plastic tabs.

4. Heat Gun

It’s surprising what can be coaxed into wiggling, removing itself, or facilitating an easy scrape through the judicious application of a little heat. A cordless heat gun is invaluable for introducing warmth to areas of a vehicle (interior, underbody) or home (paint, glue) that are tough to access. Just make sure to wear proper eye and respiration protection so you don’t end up inhaling or blinking into anything that might melt.

If you enjoy completing a variety of DIY jobs on your own, these four cordless tools will not only save you time, but they’ll also help you take on new tasks.

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