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5 Electric Trucks to Look Out for in 2022

The Rivian R1T electric pickup

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is headed for the pickup market. EVs enhance manufacturers’ fuel economy numbers and help them meet clean air goals. But will pickup owners go along with the electric truck trend, trading for ones that recharge rather than refuel?

Pros of Electric Trucks

EVs have fewer moving parts and often lower maintenance costs. They produce instantaneous torque, enhancing traction and performance. Recharging costs vary depending on who’s providing the electricity, but on average, a recharge costs less than a fill-up. And most truck accessories can make the switch with you.

Cons of Large EVs

Pickup owners who are used to getting 500 or more miles from a super-sized fuel tank won’t be impressed with the range of the first wave of electric trucks, which mostly run 200-350 miles.

Also, filling up a fuel tank takes less than 10 minutes while recharging an EV can take anywhere from 40 minutes to several hours. Charging stations are multiplying across the U.S., but in some places they’re still few and far between. Home chargers are an option, but they can be expensive.

Five Electric Trucks Coming Soon

  1. 2022 GMC Hummer EV (Fall 2021). GMC is expected to be the first to the showroom with an electric pickup, craftily reviving the Hummer brand. The base price is $112,595, and the range between charges is estimated to be at least 350 miles. Reservations for the first production round are already full.
  2. 2022 Rivian R1T (Fall 2021). Rivian started in 2009 with a plan to build autonomous vehicles but has since pivoted to building trucks and SUVs. The base price for the R1T is listed at $67,500, and the range is estimated to be 314 miles. Reservations for the Launch Edition are already full, but the two more editions are expected to be available to order in January 2022. A second manufacturing plant is also rumored to be in the works  near Rutledge, GA.
  3. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning (Spring 2022). The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle, period. That means there’s a lot riding on the company’s first electric offering. The entry-model Lightning has a lower base price than other electric trucks at $39,974, and the range is estimated to be 300 miles.
  4. Bollinger B2 (2022). Bollinger is a Michigan-based company founded in 2014 with the goal of building luxury off-road vehicles. The B2 pickup is a study in minimalist design, with a base price of $125,000 and a range estimated to be 200 miles.
  5. Tesla Cybertruck (2022-2023). Some of the biggest buzz in EV trucks has been about this Tesla. With styling that looks like metal origami, the Cybertruck is the least-conventional-looking electric truck in the first wave. But it’s also the only one from a company with experience building more than a million EVs. The base price is $39,900, and the range is estimated to be 250 miles, but additional options can push that up to 500 miles.

Should you be an early adopter? While it’s clear fossil fuels are on their way out, they won’t be obsolete anytime soon. If you’re a first-on-the-block type, jumping in now could be the way to go. There’s also something to be said for waiting to buy as the range goes up and recharge times come down.

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Photo (cropped) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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