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5 Garage Accessories You Need Now

A garage with organizers

Your garage keeps your car sheltered and protected from the elements, but it can play other roles as well. It might serve as a storage place for your tools or a workshop where you pursue your hobbies. Whether it’s a place you’re in daily or only occasionally, a little attention on your setup can go a long way in making sure your garage reaches its maximum potential. Here are some game-changing garage accessories to help you make the most of this space.

1. Parking Mat Guide

If your car isn’t parked straight, it can hinder the utility of your garage or pose a risk to your vehicle. Imprecise parking can also cause space issues if your garage needs to accommodate multiple cars. A parking mat guide can make this a nonissue. This useful item is essentially a foam mat that you place on the spot where you park to show where your car’s wheels should be placed. It makes it much easier for you to achieve straight and precise parking, no matter what type of garage flooring you have.

2. Proper Shelving

Garage Work Bench

A garage can be an excellent place to store tools and other items you may not want to keep in your house. Proper garage shelving provides the storage you need to keep your garage safe and clean and your items well protected. There are multiple options to consider, from a standalone cabinet to wall organizers to wall-mounted shelves, to make sure you get the most utility out of your space.

3. Cord Reels

If you operate power tools or other electrical equipment, you know how difficult it can be to store the long cords that many of these items use. These cords tend to tangle easily, which can lead to headaches every time you need to use them. A cord reel is the perfect solution. Some of them automatically wind up the cord when you’ve finished using it, others are manual, and then they store it in a compact case. To save space, cord reels can easily be mounted on your garage’s ceiling or wall.

4. Wheeled Storage Bins

If you have a group of tools that you often use together when working on a project, consider purchasing a wheeled storage bin. These bins come in various sizes, so you can choose one that’s just the right size for your needs. When you’re tackling your project, you can roll the whole bin to the spot where you’re working for easy access to all the tools you need. When you’re done, simply pack up the items and roll the bin to a corner or nook for a quick and efficient cleanup.

5. Garage Sound System

If you plan on spending lots of time in your garage doing repair work or pursuing your hobbies, music can really improve the environment. For the best quality sound, you may want to install a garage sound system. These systems come with indoor/outdoor speakers, and many are available with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your phone or tablet for ease of music control.

Sometimes a few thoughtful additions can transform a room. The garage accessories listed above can make yours a neater, more pleasant place.

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