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5 Key Work Truck Accessories

A heavy-duty work truck parked near the water

If you’re self-employed and work in a service profession, it’s quite possible that your truck or work van is the sturdy backbone that supports your business. That vehicle can likely get the job done without anything extra added, but there are certain accessories that could ramp up its utility and make it a much more capable workhorse.

If you’re interested in this type of customization, here are five van and work truck accessories to consider:

1. Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is an accessory that shields your truck’s cargo bed, and it provides several benefits.

This accessory can protect the contents of your truck bed from thieves, rain and snow. Also, because cargo beds can get dirty and unsightly, a tonneau cover can give your work truck a more polished and professional appearance by keeping your truck bed covered.

Finally, one thing you may not know about tonneau covers is that they can help optimize gas mileage. The accessory is designed to reduce your truck’s air drag, and this quality can bring savings at the gas pump.

2. Truck Rack

A truck rack is a metal attachment that’s fitted to the rear of your pickup, behind the back window. This accessory can enhance your truck’s safety and utility in a few different ways.

A truck rack will prevent items in the cargo bed from hitting the back of the cab, protecting the cab and rear window from damage. Also, a truck rack creates a structure that allows you to stack and secure your supplies on varying levels, and this can significantly increase your cargo space. Additionally, you can lash items like piping and lumber to the truck rack, allowing your truck to easily handle items that might not fit in your bed otherwise.

Truck racks can also protect the driver in an accident. Many models are designed to withstand a rollover and can remove a lot of pressure from the roof in these situations, making it less likely that the cab will fold in.

3. Cargo Van Ladder Rack

Here’s one for the van owners. If you work in a field such as construction or home renovation, a ladder is an essential piece of equipment that you can store in the back of your work van. However, if you go this route, the ladder will occupy space that could be used to haul other supplies.

That’s where a cargo van ladder rack comes in. This work van accessory attaches to the roof of your vehicle and allows you to carry your ladder on the roof, or in some cases on the side of the van, freeing up space inside and providing a more secure mounting solution for a common but cumbersome item.

4. Truck Toolbox

A truck toolbox is a storage place for your tools that attaches to your pickup’s cargo bed. This accessory keeps your tools organized, and it can save time by making items easier to find. Also, many toolboxes are lockable, which makes them a safer storage space than an open truck bed. If you have lots of valuable tools that live in your truck, this solution is a must.

5. Truck Bed Cargo Slide

A cargo slide fits on the floor of your truck bed. It essentially turns your cargo bed into a drawer, making it easier for you to deposit and unload items. You can load and remove cargo by sliding this accessory in and out. Some may even work with a tonneau cover, giving you a concealed and highly flexible storage space.

All of the accessories listed here can add considerable value to your work truck or van, enhance your productivity and make your vehicle safer and more user-friendly.

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