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5 Things Plow Drivers Should Keep in Their Truck

Truck with snowplow attached driving through snow

While everyone else is warm and cozy inside during a snowstorm, plow drivers are out clearing highways, driveways and parking lots, so that others can drive safely. They’re on the road for hours at a time in the worst weather conditions, which means they need to be prepared for a breakdown or emergency. Here are five things all plow drivers need to have in their trucks to weather the storm.

1. First Aid KitPlow Truck

Never head out to plow without a first aid kit in your truck. It should be stocked with the basics including a variety of adhesive bandages, woven fabric bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic ointment and wipes, aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers, scissors and tweezers. If you have a first aid kit already, check to make sure it’s fully stocked and nothing is out of date or in need of replacement.

2. Water and Food

While coffee may help you keep your eyes open, it’s important to have plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy and stow a couple of gallons in your truck, so you can refill your bottle on the go. Also, pack some high-protein, energy-boosting snacks to eat while you work.

3. Basic Emergency Items

A snow shovel, lock de-icer, blanket, salt and sand are must-haves for plow drivers. Also, pack an ice scraper with a long handle to easily clear any snow and ice buildup on the windshield. Keep tire chains, a flashlight with spare batteries, towrope and jumper cables on hand, as well. Lastly, be sure you have a working fire extinguisher.

4. Spare Parts

Even a well-tuned truck and plow can run into trouble out in the snow. You never know when unseen obstacles will cause problems, so it’s best to have a few spare parts in case of emergencies. These include hydraulic fluid, hoses and cutting edge bolts. Having a spare pump solenoid and trip spring is also a good idea.

5. Extra Clothes

Dress appropriately for the weather when you walk out the door, but have extra warm clothes packed in your truck as backup. Include at least one pair of extra gloves in case the first pair gets wet, a hat and a jacket. A second set of boots is also a good call. You never know when you’ll have to venture out into the storm, so having the right clothing to keep you warm is essential.

As the winter weather rages, having these key items in your truck will make sure you and your equipment get through the storm safely.

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