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Autumn Yard Tools at NAPA

Autumn Yard Tools at NAPA

Work Gloves
Replacement Blades
Pruning Shears
Garden Rake & Landscaping Shovel
Axes & Sledgehammers
Cordless Leaf Blower
Electric Chain Saw
Garage Storage Hooks, Hangers & Racks

Tackle the Fall With Autumn Yard Tools

Falling leaves, apple picking, cozy bonfires, jack-o-lanterns flickering on the porch…so much of what makes autumn a special time of year involves the outdoors, and often right in your own backyard. In order to make the most of this crisp, caramel-coated season, you need a good selection of tools for yard maintenance. Don’t get frightened by a big autumn cleanup of fallen branches and spider webs—find the best yard tools for your exact pumpkin patch now at NAPAonline!

When it comes to yard equipment, our experts recommend starting with a pair or two of trusty work gloves fabricated using a mix of rubber, leather and microfibers to protect against poisonous weeds and thorny bramble, along with preventing blisters. NAPA sells the top brands in protective gear, such as Forney and GEARWRENCH.

Next, make sure your existing handheld yard work tools and big electric yard tools are maintained and in good shape. Instead of just cutting grass, this time of year lawn mowers are often used to mulch through dry and wet leaves, as well as small twigs. If your blade is dull, the mower could become clogged, which might stall or even overheat the motor. Check out our extensive selection of brand-new sharpened lawnmower blades, including this 20-inch mulcher blade for a riding lawnmower from NAPA’s small engine line of products

At the end of the season, winterize your yard gear. Use a hand pump to drain all excess fuel out of your equipment. Then, start the engine to let it burn off any fuel left in the carburetor. If your gas tank is full, add fuel stabilizer to preserve it safely in the shed. If your collection of yard tools is battery operated, keep in mind that a small battery can freeze up during the cold winter months. Our experts advise storing the battery separately in a place where extreme freezing temperatures are unable to harm it.

Stick to The Basics With Simple Hand Tools

From raking leaves and trimming bushes to splitting wood, sometimes ‘do it by hand’ tools are still the preferred equipment when tidying up a yard. For instance, check out this set of high-quality, reliable pruning shears with tempered alloy steel blades and precision-ground cutting edges. These shears are coated to prevent rust and ensure a smooth action for many seasons to come. Take advantage of the spring-loaded handles and the handle lock to prevent accidental opening. Additionally, get tips from the NAPA Experts before next spring on how to sharpen garden shears.

Before you get buried too deep in leaf clutter, it’s time to select a yard rake. Our experts say it’s worth the extra investment to get a rake with metal prongs. Choose between the typical spring brace rake, designed for a light touch to gather together piles of dried leaves and grass clippings, or a more sturdy garden rake fabricated to break up clumps of dirt and spread mulch. If you are moving piles of debris, mounds of dirt or landscaping rock, our experts recommend the yard shovel by Seymour Midwest with a pan that is 18 inches long and more than 14 inches wide. This deep shovel is also perfect for shoveling snow or tending to livestock pens. 

Unfortunately, there is no Halloween potion that will make your garden gnome or scarecrow come to life to hack up those fallen limbs into a stacked wood pile. So, consider purchasing a wood-splitting axe from Milwaukee Tool with a precision-beveled blade and steel reinforced handle. You could also pair this 4-pound sledgehammer (which incorporates an ergonomic no-slip handle) with your trusty wood splitter wedge. Otherwise, you can combine both tools into one with the 10-pound Hammer Splitting Maul.

Rev Your Engines, It’s Leaf Clearing Time!DeWalt blower

When you need to clear a large area in a short amount of time, nothing compares to yard power tools. Although gas-powered leaf blowers are convenient and more powerful than battery-operated yard tools, many states, counties and towns now have ordinances prohibiting the use of loud, odor-emitting leaf blowers entirely or during certain hours of the day. Fortunately, though, even light-weight, handheld blowers are capable of wind speeds from 100 to 150 mph while remaining fairly quiet and emission-free. These electric yard tools can either plug into an outlet or run on rechargeable battery packs.

If you are shopping for battery-powered yard tools, check out our collection of electric leaf blowers. For a simple electric yard tool that even the older kids can use, go with the 90 MPH Handheld Cordless Electric Leaf Blower by CRAFTSMAN. This leaf blower offers two speeds and comes with the battery charger for a great deal! But, if you really want to blow away the neighbors, purchase the 125 MPH Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower by DEWALT, which incorporates a concentrator, innovative axial fan and high-efficiency brushless motor. DEWALT yard tools really are unbeatable.

Once the debris is cleared, it is possibly more obvious how much you need to hack away at damaged tree limbs and overgrown bushes. An electric chainsaw is also great to have on hand through the winter to splice up firewood or to cut up trees downed by a storm. NAPAonline offers a wide range of powerful chain saws for home use along with replacement chains to extend the life of your investment. 

Additionally, check out the budget-friendly 10-Inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw by CRAFTSMAN, which includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an automatic oiling feature. Or go big with the M18 FUEL 16-inch Cordless Chainsaw by Milwaukee Tool. Designed to meet the needs of a professional gas-powered chain saw, the M18 FUEL comes with a REDLITHIUM high output battery pack and a rapid charger, which delivers up to 150 cuts per charge. You can also take advantage of the 3-Year Tool and 3-Year Battery Warranty—a great benefit when investing in Milwaukee yard tools. 

NAPA Has the Solutions for Garage Storage

Now that you have an enviable collection of yard hand tools and electric yard equipment, where will you store it all? If you are searching for yard tool storage ideas, make sure to browse all the Garage Solutions on NAPAonline. 

Want the latest in yard tool rack technology? Get all the hooks and hangers for yard tools you need to match the track system installed in your home garage, like this Dual Arm J Hook or the Rotating Safety Ladder Hook. Both of these CargoSmart garage products easily connect to either X-Track and E-Track anchoring systems plus can hold up to 200 pounds. The CargoSmart Tool Stabilizer adds extra security to long-handled tool storage with the easy snap-in, snap-out design. The heavy-duty, durable rubber material prevents scratching, and the strong, flexible design fits many common handle sizes.

If you are shopping yard tools for sale, remember that NAPA offers even more savings with NAPA Rewards. Join now to start racking up points on all your garage tool purchases. You will earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Collect 100 points, and automatically get $5 off your next order! 

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