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Best Antifreeze & Ways to Winterize Your Car

Best Antifreeze & Ways to Winterize Your Car

Winterize Your Vehicle With Antifreeze

If you live in a mountainous region up north or an area blanketed with snow half the year, your best shot at trouble-free operation in the dead of winter is to equip your vehicle with the best antifreeze for extreme cold weather. Most antifreeze products consist mainly of ethylene glycol, an ingredient that has an extremely low freezing temperature. Engine coolant is a premixed solution with a 50/50 split of antifreeze and water. 

Shopping for the Best Antifreeze Coolantbottles of NAPA coolant

If you are shopping for the best antifreeze coolant, NAPAonline sells a wide assortment of automotive antifreeze for any vehicle cooling system, including hybrid and electric vehicles, from top brands like PEAK, Zerex, Prestone, Shell Rotella and more. To truly prepare your vehicle for the winter, consider purchasing concentrated antifreeze like the Zerex G48 for a customized 70% antifreeze to 30% water mixture, which should protect an engine down to -84° F. 

What about gas-line antifreeze? Did you know that even the smallest amount of water in your fuel line can cause serious damage? Condensation in the fuel system leads to water formation in the tank, which causes internal corrosion. Getting all water out of the fuel system is critical, especially when freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Mac’s Thermo Aid Fuel Additive stops the engine from stalling due to frozen gas lines. This winter fuel additive prevents corrosion in the fuel tank and fuel lines in vehicles with either a gasoline or diesel engine.

Types of Antifreeze

There are three main types of antifreeze. Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) is designed to extend the life of engine parts and prevent unnecessary wear. IAT typically needs flushed out and replaced every 30,000 miles. Organic Acid Technology (OAT) is an extended-life formulation, which can last up to 150,000 miles before it needs replaced. Hybrid (HOAT) is a combination of IAT and OAT mixed with beneficial nitrites. Check out “What Is Antifreeze & What Does It Do for My Engine?” for a more in-depth knowledge about automotive antifreeze.

What Kind of Antifreeze Do I Need?

You might ask “What kind of antifreeze do I need?” or “What type of antifreeze does my car take?” The owner’s manual for your exact make and model should list the specific type of antifreeze the engine requires. We offer a full line of top-quality NAPA Antifreeze that will meet the high standards set by your manufacturer and help extend the life of your vehicle. Do you drive an Asian model vehicle, such as an Acura, Infiniti or Nissan, or a European import, like an Audi, Mercedes-Benz or Fiat? Then try our blue or red specially formulated antifreeze.

Additionally, you can take the guesswork out of choosing the right antifreeze coolant formula for your vehicle. The NAPA Extended Life Antifreeze is compatible with all vehicles, including motorcycles, regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. This winterizing fluid protects your engine for up to 150,000 miles or 5 years. No matter which road you choose to go down (NAPA green antifreeze, NAPA orange antifreeze or something in between), NAPA has the right solution for you.

Coolant & Antifreeze for Heavy-Duty Trucks & RVs

Do you have an older-model Ford or Chrysler pickup that is your go-to ride in the winter season? The NAPA Conventional Green Antifreeze & Coolant helps protect the radiator in a light-duty truck when cold temperatures near the freezing point. Grab a bottle of either concentrated or ready-to-use solution. If you are searching for a NAPA heavy-duty coolant, then our experts suggest NAPA Heavy Duty Antifreeze as the best antifreeze for diesel engines. This winterized solution pairs perfectly with diesel engines, gasoline engines and natural gas cooling systems. 

But what about the best RV antifreeze? Besides stocking up on a heavy-duty antifreeze for the engine in your recreational vehicle, you will also need to treat your water system. The NAPA RV Water System Antifreeze is safe down to -50° F. This anti-freeze anti-gel prevents corrosion of aluminum, copper, brass and solder, but will not harm rubber, seals or hose materials. No diluting is necessary for the one-gallon jug. Also, don’t forget about purchasing ‘anti-freeze’ rust protection for your air brake system.

Check out Mac’s Thermo-Aid Diesel De-Gel, which quickly thaws gelled fuel, de-ices fuel filters and lubricates the fuel system to get your hard-working diesel engine running again. Additionally, the Diesel Fuel Supplement by Power Service prevents fuel gelling and protects against fuel-filter icing. No matter the distance you need to go, NAPAonline offers a cetane boost with many fuel supplement and additive solutions to keep your diesel engine running clean.

Additional Ways to Winterize Your Car

Filling up on premium NAPA antifreeze or NAPA coolant is just the beginning of winterizing a vehicle. Consider purchasing a bottle of spray-on Mac’s Premium Starting Fluid, which prevents a heavy drain on your vehicle battery and starting system when engaging your ignition on a frozen morning. Make your starters last longer, extend your battery life and reduce wear on engine components. This quick-start solution is not only great for commuter vehicles, but also motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and chain saws.

While winter is a magical time, its severity can inflict damage to the smallest mechanisms. To stay safe, our NAPA experts highly recommend installing a pair of winter wiper blades before the seasonal weather hits. NAPA PROFORMER Winter Wiper Blades feature a rugged steel frame construction—which will not twist, warp or crack—along with a fully enclosed design to keep out ice, sleet and snow. You can also go with a set of TRICO Ice Beam Wiper Blades to stop snow and ice from tearing your robust, heavy-gauge wipers in sub-zero temps. The harsh elements won’t get in your way with these high-performance blades engineered for modern curved windshields. 

Make it even easier on your hard-working winter wipers by grabbing a bottle of windshield de-icer spray from NAPAonline. Or pour PEAK De-Icer With Anti-Frost, the best winter solution, directly into your washer reservoir. Additionally, while you’re needing to melt the ice, don’t forget to add a small package of Lock De-Icer lubricant to your shopping cart. This magical product thaws frozen locks and lubricates lock cylinders to help prevent damage to your mechanisms. Finally, treat your sidewalk, driveway and more with a big bag of Road Runner Ice Melt.

Save When You Buy Antifreeze From NAPA

NAPA offers even more savings with NAPA Rewards. Sign up to earn points on all your antifreeze, additives, de-icer and wiper baldes, as well as all other automotive parts, maintenance products, garage tools and customized accessories. You’ll receive 1 Point for every $1 you spend—collect 100 points, and automatically get $5 off your next order. Also, check out our Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 items! 

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