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Best Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

best holiday gifts automotive

The holiday season is not only a time for cozying up next to the fireplace in the comfort of home. As the days get cooler, the time is also right for outdoor adventures like hunting and camping. After winter, when the snow and ice thaw and flowers bloom, we’re ready once again to get out and play in the mountains, woods, lakes and rivers.

Our list of the best holiday gifts for outdoor adventurers includes selections suitable for this time of year and beyond.  Preparation is key to any adventure, and these items will help your friend or family member maximize his or her enjoyment of the outdoors. Find the gift that’s right, and mark one off your holiday shopping list.

Smart Hitch backup camera sensors display best holiday gifts

Smart Hitch Camera and Sensor Backup System

Trailers are ideal for outdoor adventures. Camper trailers provide comfort and shelter from the elements. Utility trailers can carry ATVs or other gear to enjoy the great outdoors. If the adventurer on your list depends on a trailer, improve his or her towing rig with this innovative backup camera. It includes a color display for easy maneuvering, and incorporates sensors to make positioning the hitch even easier. This backup camera makes attaching a trailer a one-person job.

NAPA Blue Fuel battery booster jump starter power supply best holiday gifts

NAPA Blue Fuel Jump Starter and Portable Power Supply

We consider a portable battery booster like this NAPA Blue Fuel unit to be essential for many motorists, especially those who travel far off the beaten path. Use of accessories and 12-volt power outlets in a vehicle can tax battery power. This battery booster provides double duty: it can be used to charge a mobile phone or other device, or jump-start a vehicle when the battery is dead. Outdoor adventurers will appreciate the peace of mind that this additional power source provides.

12-volt electric air compressor best holiday gifts

12-Volt DC Electric Air Compressor with Gauge

Like the battery booster, a portable air compressor is helpful both for everyday tasks as well as in a pinch. It can obviously be used to fill a tire when far from a gas station or mechanic’s shop. But this air compressor, which is powered by a vehicle’s 12-volt power source, can also be used to inflate a variety of recreational items like bicycle tires, inflatable toys and sports balls. Along with a portable battery booster, a small air compressor is ideal for staying prepared for any situation.

real tree camo seat cover best holiday gifts

Team Real Tree and Mossy Oak Camo Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Once known only to hunting and fishing enthusiasts, the two big names in camouflage design are now household names. Team Real Tree and Mossy Oak lend their styles to these bucket seat covers and floor mats. The seat covers protect upholstery when driver and passengers bring the outside in. Floor mats do the same for carpet and floor boards, and include a diamond-plate texture molded into the rubber.

Masterlock ATV winch best holiday gifts

Portable Electric ATV Winch

ATVs are the off-road transportation of choice for many outdoor enthusiasts, thanks to their balance of go-anywhere performance and gear-toting utility. This Masterlock portable 12-volt DC electric ATV winch gives a four-wheeler or side-by-side ATV even more capability. It can pull an ATV from a stuck position or can be used to help move a heavy log or rock. The winch can handle up to 1,500 lbs. and includes a 35′ galvanized steel cable and remote controller.

Dupli-Color Bed Armor bed liner kit best holiday gifts

Dupli-Color Bed Armor Bed Liner Coating Kit

If the ATV is the off-road vehicle of choice for outdoor adventurers, the pickup truck is certainly the favorite daily driver. This bed liner coating kit adds a protective layer to a pickup bed, helping avoid scuffs and scratches that can lead to oxidation. The final finish is textured for grip yet flexible, so it resists impacts. The kit includes everything needed for a do-it-yourself installation. While the product is specified for truck beds, we’ve seen it used in other applications, too, like covering the floor boards of a Jeep.

Help your favorite outdoor enthusiast enjoy the wilds with the gift of gear. Better equipment means fewer troubles and more time for the activities he or she enjoys most. The great outdoors will always provide plenty of opportunity for spontaneity. Proper preparation ensures that lovers of the outdoors can be ready to follow that seldom-trodden path or discover a picturesque view of the landscape.

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