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Best Vacuums to Tidy Up Your Pickup Truck

Best Vacuums to Tidy Up Your Pickup Truck

Best Vacuums to Tidy Up Your Pickup Truck

Whether you own a brand-new Ford F150 ½-Ton pickup with all the bells and whistles or you drive a hard-working GMC Sierra 3500 1-Ton truck that’s gotten you through many grueling days, NAPAonline has the automotive equipment you need for any spot cleaning or detailing project. Keeping the interior of your truck cab clean of debris, dust, dander and pollen will ensure bad odors and stains don’t permanently tarnish your ride. A clean interior is also critical in keeping you and your passengers safe from bacteria and allergens.

If you are searching for a handheld, portable, cordless ‘Dust Buster’ or a large, 12-gallon ‘Shop 

-Vac’ on wheels, you’ve come to the right place. NAPAonline offers vacuum cleaners from top brands like DeWalt, Black & Decker, Shop-Vac and more. Our catalog of vacuums, perfect for truck owners, range in price from $35 to $350, with an average price around $150.

Keep in mind, not all shop vacuums designed to clean out garages and vehicles are made the same. The NAPA experts recommend assessing your needs before making an investment. Will you need a versatile vacuum that can glide across a concrete floor and carpeted upholstery? Do you need a lot of suction power to clean up metal shavings, wood chips and other materials that get tracked inside from a project site? Are you shopping for a detailing vacuum with various attachments to reach into crevices and cupholders?

Take it With You on the Road

In most cases, the best vacuum for a pickup, minivan or SUV is one that’s compact enough to store inside your vehicle. Take your truck vac with you on the road to immediately suck up food crumbs, dried leaves, pet hair, fine sand and any other messes from your adventures.

The NAPA experts recommend the Black & Decker Vacuum Auto Dust Buster, which weighs less than four pounds and comes with a storage bag. The long, 16-foot cord plugs into the auxiliary power outlet inside your truck cab, and it wraps around the bottom when not in use. This handy portable vacuum incorporates a filter that you can remove, wash and reuse. Take advantage of the long, slim crevice accessory to reach in between seats, as well as the flexible hose to get under seats and other hard-to-reach areas.

Don’t want to bother with a power cord? A great battery-powered option when it comes to portable vacuums for pickups is the Milwaukee Tool 36-Ounce Vacuum Cleaner, which is compatible with all M18 tool batteries. This compact vac incorporates a removable HEPA filter and an easy-to-empty canister. Although it is designed to easily hold with one hand to spot clean inside your vehicle using extension wands and a crevice tool, it also comes with a 4-foot hose and a floor attachment to vacuum around your garage workbench or in your truck bed.

And last, but certainly not least, in this small vacuum category, our experts recommend checking out the Flex Auto Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner, which is powered by a 16-foot cord that plugs into the aux outlet inside your truck cab. Take advantage of the patented ‘motor in the filter’ technology, which allows for the compact, lightweight design. Additionally, the cyclonic action spins dirt away from the filter, maintaining prime suction power. You can use this versatile vacuum as a handheld tool or as stationary equipment (detaching the 4-foot hose to extend your reach).

Go Big & Go Home to Use Your Shop VacCraftsman Vacuum Cleaner

Every good driver knows when it is time to make a pit stop. When the bed of your pickup truck or the cargo space in your SUV needs a deep clean, you need a Craftsman wet/dry vac to handle the heavy-duty job. The NAPA experts recommend the industrial-grade 12-Gallon Craftsman Vacuum Cleaner. The heavy-duty 6.0 HP motor, which includes both a carry handle and four caster wheels for your convenience, allows for the compact design. The incorporated hose storage plus accessory and power cord organizers help to eliminate hassle and reduce storage space. Take advantage of the 20-foot power cord and 7-foot dual-flex hose. And, as a bonus feature, use the rear blowing port to quickly clear away leaves, grass clippings and dirty debris on your garage floor or in your truck bed.

While the wet/dry Craftsman vacuum hits a great target by costing less than $150, NAPAonline offers cleaning solutions and shop equipment for all budgets. Check out the 1.5-Gallon Armor All Vac-Mate for less than $50. You are sure to get every dollars’ worth on this wet/dry shop vacuum, which features a noise diffuser, a blower function and an automotive shut-off to prevent overflow. Just grab the robust handle and get to work.

Tired of bending down to reach your shop vac buttons or carrying around your portable truck vacuum by the handle? Go for the Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum. Designed for you to wear across your back using the removable harness with adjustable straps, this cordless vacuum delivers quiet suction power (with both high and low options). While this complete kit is a big investment, your order comes with the (dry only) backpack vacuum, M18 REDLITHIUM High Output battery, a Rapid Charger, HEPA filter, 6-foot flexible hose, telescoping extension wand and more accessories.

Get Vac Attachments & Get Rewards

Don’t forget to browse NAPAonline for vacuum cleaner nozzle attachments. Thin nozzles can slide into hard-to-reach places, while angled attachments can work around tight spaces. From brush tools of every size and shape to extension wands and crevice tools, we have it all. Check out the Micro-Cleaning Kit from Craftsman, which includes six shop vacuum accessories of various sizes to perform specific functions, as well as this Utility Nozzle from Milwaukee specifically designed for a deep cleaning on carpets.

NAPAonline also sells a large selection of shop equipment, including pressure washers, portable generators, electric fans and space heaters. And, NAPA offers even more savings with NAPA Rewards. Sign up to start earning points on all your automotive parts, maintenance products, garage tools and custom accessories. You’ll earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Collect 100 points, and you automatically get $5 off your next order.

Whether you own a Toyota Tacoma truck or Dodge Ram 2500 ¾-Ton pickup, you can Get Up & Go faster than ever! Participating NAPA Auto Parts stores offer a convenient Buy Online, Pickup in Store option, so you can get back on the road in no time. Or, check out our Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 items to 98% of US customers!

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