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Boat Repair & Cleaning Supplies

Boat Repair & Cleaning Supplies

We all want a healthy boat, and vitamin sea just isn’t enough to keep everything in working condition. Keeping your powerboat pristine ensures you can safely operate and have the most fun while out on the water. The experts at NAPA know that there are certain boat cleaning supplies and repair items that you need to keep in rotation to protect your watersport investment.

Boat Maintenance & Repair

One of the most important things you can do to make boating a convenient, safe and enjoyable experience is to plan for the worst and keep some general, quality CRC Adhesive & Sealer on hand so that if you spring a leak in the middle of a lake or ocean, you are still protected. This potentially life-saving self-adhesive isn’t messy, does not require you to measure anything and offers thousands of practical uses. The fiberglass reinforced repair patch comes manufactured for use on boat bodies, tanks, pipes and so much more.

Keep in mind that a sealant can temporarily do the job of mending a faulty gasket or washer, providing you with an airtight fix. However, purchasing the right kind of permanent marine sealant—rated for use on boats—is essential for the safety of boating enthusiasts and their passengers.

Another must-have boat repair item is Boat Yard Fiberglass Resin by Evercoat. This fiberglass resin produces a hard, durable and permanent plastic finish designed to fix that Lund, War Eagle, Stingray, Baja or Tahoe floater and every boating make and model in between them. The super durable polyester resin creates a waterproof seal, joining surfaces together for a strong, lasting bond. The resin is most commonly used for repairs above the waterline on interior units like your hatches and center, console as well as various other DIY reinforcements. To ensure proper cure, you must use it with fiberglass fabrics.

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Boat Wash & Wax

Whether you have a big boat or little boat, each needs a good bath and wax from time to time. Keeping some 3M Marine Multi-Purpose Boat Soap on deck isn’t a bad idea, especially because this product comes in an economical 6-pack and has a gel coat finish. The high-suds formula removes common water debris without stripping wax and is applicable on virtually all areas of your boat from the bow to the stern, as a boat hull cleaner and on non-skid areas.

3M also sells Perfect-It in two convenient sizes—a 1-quart boat wax and a 1-pint boat wax, both a thrifty 6-pack solution—which acts as a final step, fiberglass boat cleaner after cleaning your yacht, pontoon, fishing boat or paddle boat. The wax solution contains purified carnauba wax for a pure, shining finish and is a liquid formula manufactured for easy use while protecting your gelcoat, paint, fiberglass and exposed metals from the elements.

Additionally, utilizing a polisher/buffer can help you to restore the dull and fading gelcoat on your boat, as well as protect it from damage by the environment. Make sure to use the proper pad and polishing compound for the specific type of gelcoat or paint on the boat. It is best to start at a lower speed and work in smaller sections. You should also refrain from applying too much pressure as doing so could burn the surface. Lastly, wipe away any excess compound by using a fiberglass cloth.

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Boat AccessoriesUniversal Marine Universal Boat Cover

After you’re done cleaning and polishing your Bennington, Malibu or bass fishing rig, you’ll want to cover that vessel. Look no further than NAPAonline with its selection of boat covers, such as Valmar’s Universal Marine Boat Cover. It’s an adjustable system constructed from 150-denier polyester fabric, which acts as a water-resistant, double-seamed unit. It comes with tie-down straps that have buckles and has a convenient mesh storage bag for lasting outdoor durability. This product is backed by a 1-Year Warranty. You’ll love the elastic cords, which allow for a snug hem against the hulls. An included attachment hooks the anchor cover to either the winch tower or tongue jack bracket and will maintain its secure fit during inclement weather.

Still, more technical fixes like changing the boat engine oil, conducting a fleet motor treatment or switching out an annode are higher on the list of things to do. Either way, the next time you’re looking to get your hands dirty with a DIY, choose NAPA as the one-stop source of quality boat parts and accessories because we carry everything you need for your boating and fishing expeditions.

NAPA is here for all of our customers who boat, ski, race, ride jets and so much more. Shopping for something as specific as a boat carpet, seat and upholstery cleaner? Or maybe you need a universal Trolling Motorboat Side Connector? We’ve got you covered. Order all the parts you need, and connect to our professionals, from the palm of your hand. Download the NAPA GO App today!

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