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Car Mirror Repair & Replacement Parts

Car Mirror Repair & Replacement Parts

How to Adjust Side Mirrors
Side Mirror Glass Repair
Side View Mirror Replacement
Rear View Mirror Replacement

Set Your Sights On NAPA: Mirror Repair & Replacement 

We’re all familiar with the Top Driving Tip: Keep your eyes on the road! But to be honest, there is road in front of us, road behind us, and even road to the side of us. Fortunately, car designers knew our eyes would get tempted to look in all directions, so they created multiple interior and exterior mirrors, which together create many angles to view the road from one position behind the driver’s seat. 

Before you get lost in a funhouse of mirrors, let’s settle in with some proper mirror adjustment tips. Most new drivers learn right away how to adjust a rear view mirror, but even seasoned drivers can struggle with how to adjust side mirrors correctly. For optimal safety while driving, properly adjust side mirrors (before you shift out of park) to amplify visibility and reduce as many blind spots as possible.

How to Adjust Side Mirrors

Our NAPA experts give these tips for how to adjust side mirrors with either a manual toggle or motorized mechanism: 

  • Driver Side Mirror Adjustment: Aim the mirror with the road at the bottom of the frame, with your vehicle barely visible on the right-hand side of the mirror. This creates a point of reference for where your vehicle is in relation to what is coming up behind you.
  • Passenger Side Mirror Adjustment: This perspective can feel a bit farther away, so aim the mirror with the back bumper of your vehicle in the bottom left-hand corner of the frame.

No matter how much you tweak this automotive mirror setup, it is nearly impossible to remove all blind spots. This is why modern vehicles incorporate sensors and alerts for lane changing. If you are driving an older-model vehicle, the easiest and most affordable safety solution is to install a set of stick-on blind spot mirrors. If you are shopping for the best blind spot mirror, consider this simple Fit System Two Pack, which easily mounts to the corner of existing side mirrors for an additional wide-angle reflection. offers an extensive catalog of automotive exterior mirrors, including Circular HD Spot Mirrors and Rectangular HD Spot Mirrors that fit West Coast tripod fender assemblies. Our selection of exterior mirrors also contains Heavy-Duty Mirror Heads by Truck-Lite featuring stainless steel and silvered glass, which stick out on the side of hard-working, hauling vehicles for even more visual coverage.

Side Mirror Glass Repair

Does your driver side mirror have a crack in the glass? Is the glass in your passenger side mirror shattered? If the mirror assembly (which allows you to adjust the position and angle of the mirror) and the mirror casing are undamaged, the budget-friendly solution is to only replace the automotive glass.

If you are looking to replace side mirror glass, set your sights on NAPAonline for an extensive collection. Standard mirror glass can cost between $35 and $75, which includes heated side mirror glass, such as the Replacement Mirror Glass for a Toyota Camry or the Heated Plastic Backed Mirror for Dodge Ram. Additionally, check out the large replacement glass with plastic backing for a Econoline Van or Ford Super Duty 1-Ton Pickup priced at more than $150.

Here is a bit of NAPA expertise on how to replace side mirror glass. A direct replacement of side mirror glass means the dimensions of the new glass are an exact match to the original factory-installed glass for your specific vehicle. Side view mirror replacement glass often comes with a backing plate, which means you can save yourself the pain and struggle of pulling bits of sharp broken glass out of the frame. Easily replace glass on a side mirror by snapping the pre-cut piece onto the mirror’s motor mount. However, if your replacement glass is a stick-on mirror, you’ll want to remove as much of the broken glass as possible, so that you can use double-sided tape or epoxy to attach the new mirror glass to the backing plate.

Is your side mirror glass in great condition, but you need to replace a side mirror cover because of damage to the exterior paint? NAPAonline offers direct replacements for your left mirror cover or right mirror cover to match the exterior style of your vehicle. For instance, this sleek NAPA Solutions Dorman Mirror Cover (available in black, chrome or paint-to-color) is a tool-free, snap-in replacement for a Cadillac Escalade ESV, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Sierra and more. The cost of a side mirror cover runs around $50 to $100 each. NAPA also carries the replacement trim for the mirror mount.

Side View Mirror ReplacementUniversal Plain Exterior Rear View Mirror

Side view mirrors outside the driver side and passenger side doors are critical for your safety and the safety of other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians around you. If your mirrors are chipped, cracked, scuffed or clouded, consider booking an appointment with your nearest NAPA Auto Care center to replace a side view mirror. When installed by a professional, the cost of side mirror replacement can run $1,000 to $2,000. An important factor is if the new piece needs custom painted or if any sensors need recalibrated.

However, replacing side mirrors is a project aspiring mechanics can tackle from their home garage. One important consideration with side mirror replacement is the electronic connections. Don’t cut any cables that a damaged mirror case is hanging, or you will need to replace the entire wiring harness. For expert guidance on installing replacement mirrors on the driver and passenger sides, check out “Repair 101: Replacing Side View Mirrors.” carries all the parts and tools you need to replace the entire side view mirror. When shopping for a driver side or a passenger side replacement mirror, consider if you want incorporated turn signal indicators. The cost of an entirely new door mirror can start at $150, like this no-fold Fit System Side Mirror, featuring a turn signal indicator on the glass, designed specifically for a Scion. Compare that to the more comprehensive, heated and power-adjusted GM Side Mirror, which is sold as a left and right set for a complete replacement on a 2003–2006 Escalade, Yukon, Silverado, Tahoe, Denali and more.

Rear View Mirror Replacement

One of the simplest, quickest, do-it-yourself upgrades to a well-used vehicle is replacing the rear view mirror. Unless your rear view mirror is secured with screws to the interior of your roof, then your mirror arm (attached to the case holding the mirror) is glued to the windshield. While automotive glue is designed for an extremely firm grip, the glue can lose its hold over time due to the constantly heated and cooled glass. This results in even the lightest rear view mirrors falling down. 

If the mirror glass and casing are intact, but the rear view mirror base has become loose from the windshield, then you need a mounting kit for a rear view mirror bracket. Even with the kit, you might not know for sure how to tackle rear view mirror repair. For step-by-step instructions on doing this yourself, refer to “How to Fix a Rearview Mirror.”

Don’t worry if your rear view mirror glass is shattered or the casing cracked when it detached. A replacement rear view mirror costs approximately $25, like this NAPA Dorman Rear View Mirror, available in 8 inches and 10 inches. Rear view mirrors are fairly standard, although some options incorporate digital compasses and map reader lights. Take a peek at the Universal Replacement Interior Rear View Mirror for full size SUVs, trucks and vans, which comes with all mounting hardware.

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