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Car Seat Covers for Winter

New car seat covers fitted on the front seats of a car.

Car seat covers are a great way to protect your seats from damage, especially during the winter months. While there’s always the risk of spilling your morning coffee or crumbs from your lunch, the winter months add additional worries, since snow, mud and especially salt aren’t easy on fabric or leather. Here’s how you can protect your car’s interior with a car seat cover.

The Challenge of Winter WeatherStained Car Seats

If you live where it snows, then you’ve likely seen how hard the weather can be on your car. And it’s not just snow that causes problems — salt, sand and a variety of chemicals used to treat the roads in the winter can also damage your car. That’s why you should wash the exterior of your car regularly in the winter, but the interior needs attention too.

It might seem like you only need to worry about the potential impact on your car’s floor, but winter conditions can also create significant issues for your seats. Who hasn’t brushed up against a dirty car and then transferred the mess onto the seat? Winter can present even more contaminants than other seasons, and they tend to be particularly tough on fabric and leather, which makes car seat covers a good idea.

Why Not Just Clean Your Seats?

It’s always good to clean your car’s interior regularly, but high-end interiors with leathers require additional care to ensure the leather doesn’t crack or fade. A car seat cover helps by keeping most of the winter’s dirt and grime from ever touching your seats, which can prevent stains from setting in and causing permanent damage.

What to Look for in a Car Seat Cover

The most important thing is to find a cover that fits your particular seat size. If the cover is too small, it won’t fully protect your seats, and tearing could be a risk. If the cover is too large, it could slip out of place or snag on buckles or belts, leaving your car seats vulnerable to damage.

A fabric cover can provide some protection, but a waterproof cover is ideal, as it will keep any snow or mud from soaking through and getting to your car seats. Waterproof covers are also good at protecting your seats from greasy food stains and drink spills, making them a solid year-round solution.

Winter weather can be hard on your car. Using car seat covers not only protects your seats from the harsh chemicals and dirt found on wintry roads; it also protects them from everyday spills that can occur in any season.

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