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Clear the Air in Your Vehicle With NAPA Air Filters

Clear the Air in Your Vehicle With NAPA Air Filters

High-quality cabin filters in cars are vital to clean the air of particulates as it flows through a vehicle’s A/C system. Cabin air filters for cars remove allergens like pollen and mold, as well as pollutants like dust, sand and construction debris from the air circulating in your vehicle’s interior. Not only can these harmful contaminants affect the breathing of you and your passengers, but the particulate matter can also clog up and shut down the performance of your vehicle’s climate control system. That is why it is critical not to delay replacing a cabin air filter.

The Best Cabin Air Filterscabin air filter

So, what are the best cabin air filters? For a strong defense when trapping harmful contaminants, trust NAPA Filters. NAPA EnviroShield cabin air filters are designed with a unique patented coating that is formulated to destroy harmful mold, bacteria, allergens and other pathogens flowing through your vehicle’s vents.

Consider upgrading to the NAPA Platinum cabin air filters line for premium protection against microscopic airborne particles. Our antimicrobial technology is engineered to prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold on the filter. Each NAPA Platinum replacement filter incorporates an activated carbon layer, which absorbs odors and exhaust fumes.

No matter your budget for maintaining or how much abuse your hard-working vehicle takes, NAPA Auto Parts has a replacement cabin air filter that’s right for you. Know that your vehicle has many types of filters though, including the engine air filter, which is commonly referred to as the air filter. For more information, check out this Automotive Air Filter Guide

A Good Spring-Cleaning Routine Includes Car Filters

Have you noticed a musky, unpleasant odor that you can’t seem to get rid of inside your vehicle? Is the airflow from your A/C vent weak? These are the two biggest signs for when to clean or entirely replace a car cabin air filter. If you live in a climate with a heavy amount of pollen flying around in the spring, make sure your cabin filter is replaced before the season begins to reduce irritation from allergies while driving. If you commute through areas with high levels of smog, pollution or construction debris, you may need to replace your cabin air filter more often as it will quickly become clogged. This is also good advice if you travel frequently down a gravel road or an area that is sandy.

Aftermarket cabin air filters are fabricated from cloth, carbon or paper. Paper filters always need replaced, never cleaned. Single-use filters offer options like activated charcoal and baking soda coating to reduce odors. But some cloth and carbon filters are designed to for reuse, which requires regular cleaning. Check out this K&N Air Filter Cabin engineered to last for the life of your vehicle with a 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.

For professional-level maintenance on a reusable filter, use the brush attachment of a vacuum to gently remove the surface dirt and thick dust. While you want to pull out debris from inside the folds of the filter, you must not damage the fibers of the fabric. Next, run low-pressure water over the filter. Then, fill a container with soapy water to submerge your filter. Soak it for at least 10 minutes and repeat with fresh water if necessary. Gently rinse and air dry it on a towel in the sun. 

To avoid mold, which is the point of this easy DIY project, make sure the cabin air filter is completely dry before reinstalling. Keep in mind, there is a limit to how many times you can wash a reusable filter. Once it starts to develop holes or looks damaged in any way, it is time to replace.

Become an Expert on Cabin Filter Replacement

Installing a replacement cabin air filter is relatively easy once you know the dimensions of the filter you need. Your vehicle owner’s manual is the best resource for this information. Once you determine which size and shape of cabin filter you need, it is time to locate where your air filter is housed within your exact make and model. Note that some cars have more than one cabin filter, so make sure to read all the details.

In general, the car cabin air filter is found in one of three places. Most commonly, you will find the cabin filter located behind the glove box. In some cases, the fresh air intake is in the windshield cowl. To gain access with this design, you must lift the hood and remove the cover. A few vehicles place the cabin filter below the glove box or in another area of the dash.

It is critical for proper air flow to know which end needs inserted first into the housing unit that holds the cabin filter, which is usually marked by an arrow symbol.  Replacing the cabin filter is a quick process that does not require specialized hand tools. For step-by-step instructions and helpful tips on how to replace your cabin air filter, check out this detailed instructional video by the NAPA Filters experts.

How Long Do Cabin Air Filters Last?

Now, how long do cabin air filters last? Each vehicle manufacturer sets guidelines for how often to replace the cabin filter, which is usually every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. The NAPA experts recommend a car cabin air filter replacement at least once a year, which can fluctuate based on the mileage of your vehicle and daily driving conditions.

The cost to replace a cabin air filter is minimal compared to the damage that not replacing it can cause. If you are concerned about the cabin filter replacement cost, NAPA has you covered. NAPA offers even more savings with NAPA Rewards. Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Collect 100 points and you automatically get $5 off your next order. Best of all, there’s no card to carry or key fob to scan. Your NAPA Rewards membership is part of your NAPAonline account, so you can track them online. Sign up today and save!

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