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Electric Trucks Hitting the Road in 2023 & Beyond

Electric Trucks Hitting the Road in 2023 & Beyond

Soon the number of electric trucks for sale to consumers will grow. It seems that every major manufacturer either has an electric truck for sale now or has one in the works. There’s no denying there is a demand for electric pickup trucks in the market. We’ve already seen Ford electric truck units pressed into service with work fleets across the country, and Rivian trucks are becoming more common on the road. Let’s take a look at the new electric truck options buyers can look forward to seeing this year and in the years to come.

Electric Trucks 2023

Rivian R1T DM

While the Rivian electric truck is not new to the electric pickup truck market, its R1T model is diversified for 2023. Buyers can now choose two different dual-motor versions (the normal R1T has four motors). A standard dual-motor R1T gets a range boost to 400 miles (quad motor has 328 miles), whereas the Performance dual-motor R1T gets an extra 100hp/lb.-ft., which shaves a second of the 0–60 time while maintaining the 400-mile range.

Ford Lightning

Getting hold of a Ford Lightning electric truck in 2022 was not easy. Buyer demand was high and production was still ramping up. But, for 2023, things are looking a lot better for those wanting their own Ford F-150 electric truck. Ford is still taking orders on its website for most trim levels unless you want a Pro, which is sold out for the 2023 model year.

Lordstown Endurance

At first it looked like 2023 was going to be Lordstown’s year to get its Endurance EV truck on the roadways in larger numbers. Unfortunately the company declared bankruptcy leaving future production in limbo. This truck goes a different drivetrain route and actually has electric motors located at the wheel hub. That means no axle shafts, gears or gearboxes are needed to get power from the motor to the wheel. Each wheel has its own hub motor that is good for 550hp combined. It has a 109 kWh battery, but unfortunately the driving range is only about 174 miles. For comparison, the Ford Lightning gets 240 miles from a slightly smaller 98 kWh battery.

2024 Electric Trucks in Production

Chevrolet Silverado EV2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV

Oddly, this is not the first Chevy electric truck brought to market. That honor goes to the short-lived S10-EV back in the late ‘90s. But this electric Chevy truck takes a narrower version of the Hummer EV platform and drapes it in a futuristic Silverado body that is still familiar to buyers. If you remember the old Chevy Avalanche, then the flying buttress C-pillars and folding midgate cargo area will seem familiar. As expected from an electric truck, there is a massive frunk with a power port. The driving range of the Silverado EV is estimated at 400 miles from the 200kWh battery. Two models are planned at launch: the Silverado EV 4WT, which is aimed at work truck needs, while the Silverado EV RST brings more convenience options and gadgets to the table (including the wild “Wide Open Watts” launch mode). Horsepower is more than sufficient with a maximum of 754hp on tap.

Hummer EV SUV

While the Hummer electric truck hit customer driveways in 2022, the new SUV variant began production at the start of 2023 as a 2024 model. Packing the same driveline and battery pack as the electric Hummer truck, SUV buyers now get a cavernous cargo area with a side hinged door. Passenger capacity stays the same with seating for five, so no third-row seating. 

Sierra EV Denali Edition 1

Not to leave out, a GMC electric truck is also on the way. Much like the normal GMC truck line, it shares underpinning with its Chevy Silverado electric truck sibling. But the GMC version carries the Denali name and all the luxury appointments that GMC Denali owners have come to expect. Three other trim levels will follow this flagship electric pickup truck: the Sierra EV Elevation, Sierra EV AT4 and Sierra EV Denali. 

Electric Trucks Coming in 2025 & Beyond

Ram 1500 REV

Stellantis brands are no strangers to electric vehicles thanks to their broad manufacturers’ portfolio. With the new STLA Frame vehicle platform, there is a firm foundation for a Ram electric truck future. That future kicks off with the 2025 Ram 1500 REV all-electric truck. Ram is jumping into the EV truck battle swinging with an optional 229 kWh battery pack, which claims to deliver 500 miles of driving range. Even the standard 168 kWh battery pack should have a 350-mile driving range. Those are pretty good numbers that stack up to traditional gas/diesel driving ranges. The Ram 1500 REV has a huge frunk with an optional power panel for on-the-go electricity (perfect for tailgating at the next game). Level III charging capability can add 110 miles of range with just 10 minutes of charging. Currently, the Ram EV truck is slated to go on sale in the last quarter of 2024, but expect wider availability starting in 2025.

Tesla Cybertruck 

It seems like the Tesla electric truck is always just around the corner. Originally debuted in 2019 (complete with not-so-unbreakable windows), Tesla was flooded with deposits even before announcing production dates. Initially, production was to start in 2021, but is now pushed into late 2023. Demand is certainly strong, so now to wait and see when a Tesla pickup finally hits the road.

Toyota Tacoma EV

While not officially announced, Toyota did unveil a tantalizing electric truck concept back in 2021. From photos, it appears roughly the same size as the Tacoma pickup. Toyota then unveiled two more electric truck concepts for world markets, the Hilux Revo BEV and the IMV-0. It appears the reality of a fleet of Toyota electric trucks is inching closer and closer with these concepts, and a Tacoma EV is possibly just what the public wants.

Truck buyers are still waiting to hear from other manufacturers to see if they will wade into the EV trucks battle. Will we see a Nissan electric truck after their Surf-Out concept hit the news in 2021? Will the mold-breaking design of the Canoo electric truck finally see customer driveways? Time will tell. It will also take time to shake out which of these is the best electric truck. 

Regardless of which models are on the market, NAPAonline and your local NAPA Auto Parts store are ready to help you accessorize your electric truck to your specific needs. Thinking about buying an electric truck, but are stumped on how you will charge it? NAPA has you covered thanks to a partnership with Qmerit to help you find and correctly install a home EV charger in your garage.

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