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Emergency Vehicle Lighting for Crews & Fleets

Emergency Vehicle Lighting for Crews & Fleets

Secondary crashes, which occur because of unpredictable or chaotic traffic navigating construction, road debris or an accident, are a leading cause of in-the-line-of-duty deaths among emergency responders, according to the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. In 2022, there were 50+ reported fatalities nationwide of emergency responders (law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, safety service crews and tow operators) getting struck by vehicles; this often underreported statistic does not include injuries and close calls.

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Emergency vehicle lights are designed to capture attention and warn drivers of changing conditions. These warning lights factor in lamp color, lamp intensity, modulation and flash rate. The emergence of LED products and computerized wireless controls has expanded the options when fabricating emergency lighting for vehicles. From traditional horns and distinct alarms to warning beacons and rooftop light bars, NAPA specializes in fleet management. If you need to broadcast your presence on the road, day or night, NAPAonline is the one-stop-shop to keep you safe.

Standard Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

Shopping for standard, recognizable emergency lights for vehicles? The NAPA experts suggest the Wolo Lightning Bright 2 LED Light for less than $50. This all-weather LED warning light for construction, security and emergency vehicles utilizes rubber gasket guards. Make the most of the triple flash pattern, which spins at a rate of 60 flashes per minute. If you need an option outside of the typical amber color, we suggest the Wolo Power Beam Warning Light offered in blue and red.

If you need something with a low clearance, try the Federal Signal HighLighter LED Micro Mini Light Bar with options to permanently mount or utilize a suction cup or magnet for a temporary application. The compact design combines with the Solaris LED reflector to provide 360-degree radiance. Take advantage of the 25 strobe patterns and flashing distress signals, as well as the 5-Year Warranty. For an even more slender look, go with the Federal Signal Latitude Exterior Warning Lights. These warning lights feature ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) technology specifically developed to correct frequent failure locations found in other LED lighting systems. Choose the 4-, 6- or 8-head design to fit either a patrol car or utility truck.

Emergency Light Bars

When it comes to public safety products and emergency flashing light systems, no one is more equipped than the top brands, Federal Signal and Wolo. For that classic, rotating, emergency vehicle strobe light, the NAPA experts suggest the Wolo Infinity Light Bar. Every setup includes a control panel that operates the front, side and bottom lights independently. These patrol car light bars are also engineered for long-lasting and maintenance-free operation. If you want a more modern approach, check out the Wolo On Patrol Light Bar. Constructed from all-weather polycarbonate plastic material, these lenses emit a 360-degree display, which you can see even in the sunlight. This is possible due to the 64 LEDs—each with a lifespan of 100,000 hours—which collectively generate 64 watts of output.

You can find flashing lights for emergency vehicles that are inexpensive and uncomplicated, but still accomplish the job. The Wolo Aurora Warning Light is a budget-friendly, easy-to-install product, which operates with a simple on/off switch and a 10-foot coiled power wire for plugging into a regular auxiliary power adapter. If you need an emergency light that is easy to store when not in use, go for the Federal Signal MicroPulse Exterior Warning Light, which can quickly mount on any flat surface like a roof, hood or trunk.

There is a need for a greater investment in emergency warning lights for municipal fleets and government vehicles. When it comes to top-of-the-line emergency vehicle warning lights, we recommend the Federal Signal Legend LED Light Bar, which is a perfect fit for a wide-range of responder vehicles on official business. Or you can upgrade to the Federal Signal Integrity LED Light Bar. Its multi-colored LEDs and SpectraLux system give your light bar the ability to quickly change colors as necessary.

Tow Truck Lights

If you are outfitting your heavy-duty wrecker fleet with tow truck emergency lights, we sell the solutions you are seeking. Customize your tow truck warning lights with the Federal Signal Legend LPX Discrete Light Bar, which features brake and turn lights, as well as alley, takedown and work lights. You can also check out the Federal Signal Legend LPXH Tow Discrete Light Bar, which has independently-controlled front and rear LED light bars. The 12-head light bar can convert to a 10-head tow truck LED light with two static work lights.

Lighting for Construction

And last, but not least, NAPAonline carries construction zone lights and signals. The Federal Signal 8200S SignalMaster Warning Light is a powerful traffic pattern indicator with 14 unique LED flash patterns and an eight-button control panel. You can also keep it simple by lighting up the entire space with the Federal Signal LED Scene Light. Mount this emergency surface light to a fire truck or construction equipment to illuminate any roadway or worksite dark spots.

Emergency Vehicle Sirens

Nothing pairs quite so well with emergency lights as air horns. If you are in the market for emergency vehicle sirens, take a look at the NAPAonline selection of attention-grabbing horns, back-up alarms and outdoor PA systems. Blasting at 118 decibels, the Wolo Super Horns feature robust steel fabrication to stand the test of time along with a chrome grill for a shiny appearance. The Wolo Powerhouse Air Horn is another excellent option. It has dual chrome metal trumpets, a 12V compressor and 30-amp relay. Go for the Plus model to gain 28 red LED lights, which function as a third brake light.

The Federal Signal 2012 Series Back-Up Alarm offers 87-, 97- or 102-decibel models, all for less than $30. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, this back-up alarm can withstand bad weather, vibrations and foreign objects. If a simple, loud beep will not get the message across, go for the Wolo Electric Speaker, which pairs your PA system or emergency siren with a powerful speaker. If your preferred placement is on a light bar, then go with the 4002 model. It runs on 100-watt power and is encased in black, all-weather ABS plastic.

Now you can Get Up & Go faster than ever. The NAPA Network is dedicated to keeping emergency crews equipped with aftermarket automotive accessories like exterior lights and horns. NAPAonline offers a convenient Buy Online, Pick Up in Store option so you can get back on the road in no time, as well as Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 items!

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