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EV Spotlight: Must Have Frunk Accessories

EV Spotlight: Must Have Frunk Accessories

Get Your Frunk On!

Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard a funny new term mentioned when discussing electric vehicles: the frunk. The frunk is not entirely isolated to electric vehicles, and can often be found on sporty imports. A frunk can be a handy storage space to keep items that don’t belong in the passenger cabin, but should still come along for the ride. 

What Is A Frunk?

The frunk is a combination of “front” and “trunk.” A vehicle with a “frunk” is nothing new, but the term is relatively new to consumers shopping for increasingly popular electric vehicles. Rear and mid-engine cars with frunks, like those from Porsche and even the classic Chevrolet Corvair, have made clever use of the front storage space for decades. This was usually a trade off as the engine had to go somewhere, so the traditional “trunk” space was now occupied by an internal combustion engine. 

The packaging needs of an electric vehicle are quite different from an internal combustion engine counterpart. With the main battery slung low in the chassis and an equally low placed drive motors, the opportunities for creative storage space has blossomed, and the frunk is having its moment. 

Here are a few must-have frunk accessories to get the most out of this emerging storage space.

Cargo LinerTesla frunk liner

You don’t have to be hauling a bag of soil from the garden supply store in your F150 Lightning frunk to appreciate a good cargo liner. Just like a good set of floor mats, a cargo liner protects the bottom of the frunk from accidental spills. It also makes cleaning up a breeze since the cargo liner can simply be removed and wiped down or even hosed off if things get really dirty. Installation is simple, just lay the liner in the bottom of the frunk. Fabrication ranges from carpet material that matches your existing interior to rugged rubber that can shrug off the messiest of spills. It’s easy to keep your Tesla Model 3 frunk floor in good shape in just minutes.

Cargo Organizer

There’s no reason for your frunk to look like a high school student’s locker. Unsecured items in your electric vehicle tend to shift and slide, which applies to the stuff you tossed in your Tesla frunk. Bring order to the chaos with a cargo organizer. Organizers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to best fit your frunk’s capacity. A Ford F-150 Lightning frunk can easily handle two big folding organizers, while a Tesla Model Y frunk organizer could be a bit smaller with large creativity potential.

Portable Charger

While the growing availability of public EV charges in the last few years has been a great boon to EV owners, there are still charging deserts out there. Give yourself peace of mind by carrying  a portable EV charger for your frunk. Sure charging at 110v is slow, but it is better than nothing. If your choice is between hanging out at a friend’s house for a few hours versus calling a tow truck, any charger is better than no charger. It’s also a smart idea to keep any charging station adapters handy in your frunk. You can still find different charging plug types in use at stations, so it might be worth adding an adapter in with your portable charger pack.

Car Cover

A car cover isn’t just for fancy or exotic cars, it is also a great way to keep temperatures at bay in the summer. If your EV is parked out in the open, it will take battery power to cool it back down when you drive it again. A car cover acts like a portable shade tree, helping keep surfaces cooler and prevent your interior from turning into a pizza oven. Your EV will need less energy to bring the interior down to a comfortable temperature, which means more battery power that can be used on the road. 

Make sure to pick a car cover that is custom fit to your vehicle, so it stays on when the wind blows. When it is time to drive, just fold up the cover like a bed sheet and tuck it into the frunk until next time. You also get the bonus advantage of helping keep the outside of your EV protected from dirt, pollen and other airborne gunk.

Emergency Kit

You don’t need to carry an entire garage worth of stuff with you on the road, but a basic emergency kit for an EV can really come in handy. You can buy from a pre-packaged emergency kit or build your own. Include some basics like a first aid kit, multitool, gloves, flashlight and maybe even a roll of duct tape. Check out our NAPA Blog article on how to put together an emergency kit customized to your needs and driving location. 

Unlock Your Frunk’s Potential!

These are just a few suggestions of NAPA accessories you can store in your frunk. EV owners are already trying out new creative ways of using this space. Ford even suggested using the Mustang Mach-E frunk as a drink cooler by just filling it with ice! For those with a F150 Mega Power frunk, you can keep all your power-hungry tailgating accessories, like radios, lights and even a portable TV, ready for game day.

Are you charged up and ready to maximize your EV’s frunk-tionality? Head to your local NAPA Auto Parts store or visit NAPAonline. You’ll find a huge variety of vehicle accessories to fit your needs. Make sure to sign up for NAPA Rewards too! Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Once you accumulate 100 Points, you get $5 off your next purchase automatically! Don’t have time to shop for that Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer in person? Get Free One-Day Shipping on over 160,000 items!

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