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Find Parts for Honda Accord & Honda Civic at NAPA

Find Parts for Honda Accord & Honda Civic at NAPA

Two of the most popular vehicles on the market for decades are manufactured by Honda: the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. Both nameplates are synonymous with exceptional value and longevity. The key to automotive longevity is proper maintenance, and picking top-notch Honda auto parts for your Accord or Civic is easy with NAPA. The answer to “Where do I find Honda parts near me?” is as close as your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

Stock Up on Honda Parts With NAPA

NAPA has a wide variety of aftermarket Honda parts from top suppliers. If you don’t know where to start your search, here are a few popular Honda car parts you might need for your next DIY project:

Air Filters

Your Honda Accord or Honda Civic needs clean air not just for the engine but for the people riding inside. Your engine air filter needs changed every 15,000 miles (or when otherwise noted by the owner’s manual) or when it becomes too dirty to allow air to flow effectively. Your cabin air filter sits behind your glove box door and is often forgotten, which also probably means it needs changed. Your local NAPA Auto Parts store keeps common Honda replacement parts like air filters in stock for easy DIYer pickup.

Brake Pads

Both the Honda Civic and Honda Accord have a well-deserved reputation for running forever, but they still need to stop sometimes. NAPA carries a wide variety of brake pads designed to handle everything from the stresses of commuter traffic all the way to taking a few laps at the race track. Brake pads need replaced when the pad material reaches the minimum thickness stated in the owner’s manual. Check out our article on when to change brake pads.

BatteryNAPA The Legend Professional Battery

Most people think that the only sign of a bad battery is when you can’t start your car. While that is the main one (and hardest to ignore), stay mindful of the other signs as well. If the engine turns over slowly when you start it, the battery is possibly getting weak and unable to keep a charge. With the engine running, the alternator can recharge the battery, but once the car sits for a while, that charge slowly slips away. If you seem plagued by gremlins of an electrical nature, a bad battery can cause havoc in a modern vehicle. There are many signs that your battery is going bad. Luckily, your local NAPA Auto Parts store has the most popular car battery sizes in stock. 

Spark Plugs

Decades ago, it was common to give a car “tune up” as part of routine maintenance. Advances in engine technology have made the traditional “tune up” a thing of the past for modern vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore your spark plugs. While it is true that spark plugs are designed to last longer, when the owner’s manual tells you it is time for a change, it needs done. You also want to use the exact type of plug specified and pick the best plugs for your application. NAPA has the best brands of Honda car parts online and in store, so you’re covered however you prefer to shop.

Timing Belt and Water Pump

For some reason, people dread changing the timing belt. It is a complicated process, which requires taking apart a fair amount of the engine, but it is typically only necessary every 60,000 to 100,000 miles (check your owner’s manual), which could take years to reach. If you are changing a Honda timing belt, it makes sense to go ahead and swap out the water pump at the same time. A lot of the time and labor involved in changing a timing belt is the same as changing a water pump, so go ahead and get both done at the same time for peace of mind.

Serpentine Belt

The elegant yet-complex serpentine belt system allows for the engine to power all sorts of accessories on your Honda Civic or Honda Accord while saving space compared to the old V-belt design. You’ve got a lot riding on that one belt, so make sure it is part of your routine maintenance plan. Changing a serpentine belt is fairly straightforward, just pay careful attention to how the belt is routed around all the different pulleys.


If your Honda Accord or Honda Civic feels like a roller coaster after every bump or it rides like a floating couch, you are probably due for a repair of your shocks and struts. Honda did a great job designing the front suspension on both the Civic and the Accord, making them fairly easy to service. The job is made even easier by using a loaded strut that is ready to install. No wrestling with a spring compressor, just remove the old strut/spring assembly and put in the new one. You can shop for your Honda auto parts at NAPAonline or at your local NAPA Auto Parts store.

The Honda Civic and Honda Accord have remained staples of the roadways since the 1970s. From dependable grocery getter to fire-breathing hatchback, both vehicles have a following. You can keep your Honda on the road with parts from NAPA or visit the experts at your local NAPA Auto Care. Our ASE-certified technicians know exactly what it takes to keep your Honda running for years to come.

When the time comes to buy those Honda parts, find them available on NAPAonline or head over to your local NAPA Auto Parts store. You can also sign up for NAPA Rewards and start earning Points toward your next purchase. Simply shop online or at a participating store or to earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend. Once you earn 100 Points, you get $5 off your next purchase automatically!

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