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Finding the Best Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Ride

Finding the best motorcycle battery for your bike can be a challenge, especially when you’re new to the two-wheeled world. Check out these tips so you can pick out the right battery for you and your motorcycle.

Convenience is Key

There are many choices in terms of the maintenance required for motorcycle batteries. Standard flooded motorcycle batteries require adding acid and electrical activation before they can be installed. They may also require electrolyte maintenance throughout the life of the battery. There are other types of motorcycle batteries that have an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design. AGM batteries utilize glass mats inside the battery to suspend the electrolyte inside for a no-spill design. One type of AGM battery still requires the user to add acid to the battery and then make sure it is sealed. There is also another type of AGM battery that is a more premium design. This premium AGM battery is professionally filled, sealed, and activated in the factory. This enables the user to install the battery without the added inconvenient steps of the other designs. It is very important to gauge your comfort level with the different type of installation procedures before choosing your motorcycle battery.  

Vibration Matters

Standard flooded batteries that are filled with electrolyte may require regular maintenance to check electrolyte levels and keep their fluid levels topped off. Unfortunately, these batteries are also fairly sensitive to vibration and heat, and can become damaged over the course of time. Many riders switch to an AGM design, which uses the glass mat material inside to protect the internal component of the battery making it the best choice for long-term use.

Mounting ConsiderationsCustom bike

Another thing to think about when deciding on the best motorcycle battery is how you’ll mount it. In a car, batteries are usually mounted right-side up. In a bike, however, especially a custom-designed bike, you find far more options for orienting the battery. A flooded battery can’t be installed any way other than flat and with the top upright, otherwise it runs the risk of leaking, so it’s important to verify whether an AGM battery is your only option.

Keep It Charged

A trickle charger is a smart idea if your motorcycle will be parked in your garage for days at a time without any use. It may not be your everyday ride. Also motorcycles are not usually used in every season so keeping your battery charged during the off-season will make sure it’s ready to go when you need it. A battery that is left significantly drained can lose its ability to hold a charge over time, so proper trickle charging is a key part of your motorcycle’s maintenance schedule.

Keep these key tips in mind when making your next battery purchase so you can pick the right one for your bike and maximize its performance longer.

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