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Garage Storage Ideas & Solutions for Every Season

Garage Storage Ideas & Solutions for Every Season

If you don’t have year-round garage storage solutions, you may not know until it’s too late that you need them because your needs throughout the year change with the seasons. That’s why the experts at NAPA are here to share garage storage ideas, hacks, tools and equipment that’ll make your work or hobby spot one that aids you throughout the year. And having ongoing garage storage solutions starts with optimizing the accessibility of your gear. 

Remember that heater or fan you bought the last time it got too hot or too cold in your garage? All types of storage solutions go beyond the bulky necessities like these fun and affordable organizational hacks that even the most novice to expert garage mechanic can appreciate and implement, like creature comforts that make working as pleasant as possible.

Starting From Ground Zero With a New GarageNAPA work bench

First, work towards decluttering your current workspace and take note of the items and functionality you might need to improve your auto garage or hobby space. Things you should consider upgrading include lighting, storage compartments, shelving (assorted sizes available), racks, hooks and additional wall-mounted and floor-stacked accommodations. 

Hypothetically, if you were starting over with a blank slate, you would look for a few things to get you started. Number one on this list is to organize the little items like nuts, bolts and washers that can easily get scattered and lost, making your space feel unorganized. The NAPA Garage Solutions Storage Cabinet Organizer is the perfect addition for storing small items. And for the larger-sized items that also need organization, check out the 18-drawer version, the 43-piece organizer or any other that suits your needs on NAPAonline.

The Garage Royalty Cabinet is a truly regal way to outfit bare walls in your new (or old) garage setup. This pro series selection comes engineered to give you state-of-the-art steel storage outfitted in a modern showroom style. The set includes two tall cabinets, one 2-door base cabinet, one 5-drawer base cabinet, two 2-door upper cabinets and a 48-inch steel countertop. The welded steel frame and doors, full cabinet locking mechanism and sleek black powder coating really kick up the value of this easy-to-install unit. 

NAPA has plenty of freestanding storage options if you’re opting out of built-ins and need to piece things together. And remember, organizational hacks come in all shapes and sizes for your small and midsized tools. NAPA’s modular storage towers can complete any garage setup with easy-to-stow cases and drawers to suit your needs. You might also love NAPA’s portable workbench, which gives you quick access to your supplies and comes equipped with a 3-outlet power strip and two USB ports. 

Portable items like the Bucket Boss Parachute Bag make it easy to swap out your go-to tools and are a never-ending solution for staying orderly per project. This tote comes pre-manufactured using Duckwear canvas. It sports 19 pockets total, which are poly ripstop reinforced along with the bottom, plus is stacked 3–4 deep in most 5-gallon buckets. In comparison, the NAPA Flexi Tote is a rectangular storage compartment with an aluminum handle, a comfortable shoulder strap and eight convenient compartments.

There are also larger container boxes like the 85L container box (30L Container Box for smaller items and the 135L box for much larger), ideal for storing big items and that are impact resistant and manufactured with secure, heavy metal that delivers an extra tight seal. If you pick up more than one of these, you’ll love how conveniently the containers nest and stack together with adaptable wheels (sold separately). You might even have interest in collapsible storage crates that fold flat, are easy to open and also stackable. 

Creative Organizational Hacks & Garage Storage Ideas

There are so many unique ways to find the storage you need within your space. Maximize overhead garage systems, garage storage lift solutions and belts and pulleys to keep your equipment and gear out of the way using space you don’t normally use. And always ensure that your overhead garage shelves get properly installed with expert care for your ultimate safety. 

Additionally, check out the Peg Board Organizer, a perfect universal storage solution that works for every season. This stylish system includes hooks of various sizes on to which you can always add. The unit is steel with plastic and finished in zinc and includes peg locks, tool holders, storage bins and storage jars. This little-known standard in functionality will optimize any workspace and is perfect for workshopping, tool shed structuring and in-basement setups with hooks that can withstand up to 1-pound. 

As the year passes, you’ll appreciate additions that prevent pain and injury, like the USA-made Craftsman Garage Mat in Leather Grain. The mat measures 20 by 32 inches and is a specially made anti-fatigue garage mat fitted with GelPro technology. The safety is built-in with a skid-resistant surface, which helps you avoid tripping or slipping. This is especially helpful during inclement weather conditions like snow and sleet.

Choosing the Best Garage Storage Systems

Maximizing your garage is valuable year-round and means investing in high-quality products that’ll last you a long time. Take measurements so that you can get the most into your space without overcrowding your resources and select products that provide storage visibility. Or implement a storage tracking system so that you know where everything is in a quick and accessible manner. 

The best garage wall storage systems allow you to maximize your space, declutter the floor, eliminate tripping hazards through high-traffic spaces and upgrade your visual experience as you work. Take Slat Wall, for example, which is the stronger cousin of peg board and provides you with a finished look, strong storage versatility and customization potential. This slack wall supports 250 pounds per square foot and installs directly onto bare studs, over drywall or onto concrete using hidden screws for a professional finish. 

For last-minute grabs, look at the portable NAPA Tool Cart built with feedback from industry technicians who strive to support professional tradesmen and DIYers like yourself. Consider the Ceiling Bicycle Lift, which includes all necessary installation hardware or the Garage Hoist Mount on ceilings up to 14 feet to support a Kayak up to 100lbs. 

Last, but not least, NAPA’s expert list of year-round garage storage ideas and solutions includes this nifty little stepping stool. It not only gives you access to hard-to-reach areas, but it also has a slide-out storage drawer, integrated carrying handle and sturdy construction. When in doubt, explore a local NAPA AutoCare Center near you for inspiration about garage décor, needs and advice. Additionally, NAPA Auto Parts now offers NAPA Rewards, which gives you one Point for every $1 you spend—sign up today and save!

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