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Get Safe With NAPA Brakes


Have you checked your brakes lately? Just listening for your brakes to make weird noises isn’t enough. Before you hit the road, inspect your brakes and make any necessary repairs, especially if your vehicle is already showing signs of brake issues. If you’ve noticed a brake warning light or grinding, pulling or vibrations while braking, now may be the time to replace brake pads and rotors.

Our lineup of NAPA Brakes pads and rotors includes products for typical drivers with mainstream vehicles; specialty products for higher-performance cars and trucks; even commercial-grade brake components for severe duty, fleet and municipal vehicles. The tables below outline key features and applications.

Check out all the brake system parts available on NAPA Online or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs. For more information on your brakes, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.

NAPA Brakes Pads

____________________Product LineGradeBenefitsWarrantyCoverage/Availability
Adaptive_One_PadsNAPA Adaptive One Brake PadsSpecialtyTwo unique ceramic formulations, adapts to driving styles and vehicles, no noise, cleaner wheels, long life.Limited lifetime warranty and noise-free guarantee.Readily available for most newer cars and light trucks with OE ceramic brake pads.
NAPA_Fleet_PadsNAPA Fleet Brake PadsSpecialtyEngineered for dependable performance in the harshest driving environments, extra stopping power, extra long life.Limited warrantyIndustry-leading coverage for all current police platforms, emergency service, commercial/recreational and fleet/municipality applications
Ultra_Premium_PadsNAPA Ultra Premium Brake PadsBestOriginal equipment performance without dealership prices, guaranteed quiet, and safe.Limited lifetime warranty and noise-free guaranteeReadily available for most newer cars and light trucks .
Premium_PadsNAPA Premium Brake PadsBetterFormulated for better stopping performance, Silent Guard (TM) shims for quiet stops.Two-year warrantyThe most extensive line of brake friction coverage for cars and trucks, vintage to hybrid.
Proformer_PadsNAPA Proformer Brake PadsGoodQuality-tested formulas for safe, quiet and reliable operation, same features and benefits as competitors' "premium" pads.One-year warrantyAvailable not only for older and economy vehicles but for many late model cars and light trucks as well.


NAPA Brakes Rotors

____________________Product LineGradeBenefitsWarrantyCoverage/Availability
Reactive_One_RotorNAPA Reactive One Brake RotorsSpecialtyUnmatched style, longevity and performance and unequaled pedal response. Polymer coating and Onyx Guard offer corrosion resistance for a clean open wheel appearance.Limited lifetime warrantyAvailable for trucks, SUVs, fleets and performance vehicles.
Ultra_Premium_Coated_RotorNAPA Ultra Premium Coated Brake RotorsBest100% polymer coating protects against corrosion for optimal air flow and product performance. Coating is tested to industry standards and withstands 300+ hours of salt spray. Smooth and quiet braking at every stop.Limited lifetime warrantyAvailable for late model passenger cars and light trucks, CUV’s, SUV’s, work utility vehicles, Asian and European imports.
NAPA_Fleet_RotorNAPA Fleet Brake RotorsSpecialtyEngineered for dependable performance in the harshest driving environments, extra stopping power, and extra long life.Limited warrantyIndustry-leading coverage for all current police platforms, emergency service, commercial/recreational, and fleet/municipality applications.
Premium_RotorNAPA Premium Brake RotorsBetterQuality without compromise for reliable performance. Original equipment fit, form and function for dependable braking.12-month/12,000-mile warrantyAvailable for passenger cars and light trucks, from vintage
to hybrid.


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