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Your Handy Car Novice Gift Guide: Just in Time for the Holidays

Car Gifts

The holidays are coming and soon you’ll be shopping for your friends and family. Chances are one or more individuals is a car enthusiast, perhaps a weekend mechanic, and shops for what they need. Everyone else, including new drivers, will appreciate automotive gifts.

Here’s our car novice gift guide for the car novice recipient.

Stocking Stuffers

Not every gift will sit under the Christmas tree. Stockings are a fun way to give miscellaneous gifts. Best of all, they don’t have to be wrapped!

A set of wiper blades would be a welcomed gift as winter sets in. Bonus: Install the blades for your recipient!

car headlampCloudy headlamp lenses aren’t just unsightly, but they can cut visibility — and that’s dangerous when driving under low-light conditions and at night. A lens restoration kit can restore headlights to their former glory and save money on repairs, a task the recipient can handle him or herself.

Another fun stocking stuffer gift is a digital tire gauge. Give this to the person who doesn’t check his tires nearly enough. These types of gauges have an electronic LCD display and work just like an easy to read pocket calculator. The only drawback is they require batteries that eventually must be replaced.

Gifts for Under the Tree

Beyond the stocking stuffers, there are other gifts best left under the tree or maybe even in the garage.

For some people, a check engine light leads to a panicked visit to their mechanic. A CarScan CarReader unit can be an ideal holiday gift as it allows car owners to diagnose their vehicles themselves. If the problem is simple, they can handle it. If it’s more complex and involves an electrical or a mechanical issue, the reader will alert them to a potentially serious problem that needs a trip to their local NAPA AutoCare experts.

NBC 85924Drivers who take to remote roads know that they can’t always rely on roadside assistance to rescue them in a timely manner. Waiting for help can take hours, but if it is a matter of a dead battery, jump starting the car without another person present is possible with a jump starter/portable power unit. This self-contained device has a rechargeable lithium battery and can handle four- and six-cylinder vehicles with ease.

If your recipient recently bought a car and lives where it snows often, why not supply them with a proper snow scraper? A combination scraper/brush will help clear away ice and snow way faster than an expired credit card and a cold hand.

With the holidays on the way, use this guide to add some items you may not have considered to your gift list.

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