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How to Customize Your Tesla

How to Customize Your Tesla

Congratulations on buying a Tesla! You said goodbye to the gas pump, but for the second time this month, you mistook your Model 3 for another exact one in the parking lot. It is possibly time to think about making your own Tesla stand out a little. So, can you customize a Tesla? Absolutely! While the styling of a Tesla is unique, with major growth in popularity, your EV may not stand out like it used to in a crowd. Luckily, NAPA has a wide variety of ways you can accessorize and customize a Tesla. Here’s a few of our favorite Tesla custom accessories.

Window Tint

One classic vehicle trick towards making a custom Tesla is tinted windows. Even a light tint can change the attitude of your Tesla. Depending on where you live and how much sun you get, you can pick the degree of tinting you need. You can choose a deep privacy “limo” tint all the way to a nearly perceptible tint that keeps UV rays at bay. Or you can pick a light tint that gives your eyes a break without affecting nighttime visibility. You can try your hand at applying window tint at home or make it easy by dropping your Tesla off at a local tint shop. Just make sure to check with your local laws before you start so you don’t end up with a ticket later.

Wheel ProtectorsTesla with wheel protectors

You don’t have to get custom Tesla rims for a custom Tesla look. A set of colorful AlloyGator wheel protectors sets your Tesla apart at the charging station. Designed to protect the wheel lip, these rugged composite nylon overlays are available in a variety of colors. Get the look of custom wheels without the aggravation of buying new rims. Not to confuse with hub caps, wheel protectors attach firmly between the outermost rim lip and the tire bead. Once they are in place, you no longer have to dread accidentally curbing a rim again. Plus, you get the look of Tesla custom wheels at a fraction of the price of new wheels!

Window Deflectors

A cool breeze is always a nice thing, but a mess if the weather is rainy. With a set of window deflectors, you can still crack your windows for the ventilation you want without the risk of water intrusion. This is also a great functional Tesla customization because it allows you to forgo the air conditioner and let a cool breeze do the work. Tough but lightweight Polycarbonate construction is utilized to give them a long life. Installation is easy with no drilling required. Just use the included high-strength 3M adhesive tape for a new look in minutes. Now you can feel the breeze in any weather!

Floor Mats

Factory floor mats technically do the job of protecting your carpet, but there are other floor mat options. For true edge to edge carpet protection from mud, slush, salt, dirt and spilled drinks, you need a set of custom fit heavy-duty Weathertech floor mats. If you want to show off your favorite sports team pride, there are logo floor mats. You can also pick up a set of complementary color floor mats to make your interior pop. Every car needs floor mats, why not let yours make a statement! Plus, installation is one of the easiest customizations on this list. The easy way to get a Tesla custom interior look!

Seat Covers

Seat covers aren’t just a way to protect your upholstery, they can also make a statement. Picking a complimentary color or going against the grain with a dash of bold color can really change the attitude of your interior. There are seat covers with wild patterns, solid stripes or even your favorite sports team. The best part about this customization is it is completely reversible and you can change them out quickly. Of course, the added protection to your seats is great too.

Cargo LinerTesla cargo liner

A cargo liner is less of a flashy customization than it is a functional accessory. Both the Model Y and Model X offer great SUV utility without the typical SUV fuel consumption penalty. A rugged cargo liner from Weathertech is a great way to protect your green investment. It also looks sharp while doing its job. Cleaning is easy, just remove the cargo liner and give it a quick shake. If anything gets spilled, just remove and take the hose it!

Trailer Hitch

A trailer hitch is a great way to add versatility to your Tesla. Those of you with a Tesla Model X can tow up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped. Even the Model 3 can handle light-duty towing. But adding a trailer hitch to your Tesla opens up a world of hitch accessories designed to match your needs. Don’t think of it as a trailer attachment point, think of it as a Swiss Army Knife of cargo management. As long as you keep within the tongue weight limits, you can put the space behind your bumper to work. Bike racks are a popular choice as is a cargo basket or cargo box. Of course, just installing a simple trailer ball creates a wide range of cargo hauling options. Just remember to stick to the factory towing limits and tongue weight ratings. Additionally, keep in mind that towing a trailer may affect your driving range.

Customizing your Tesla is easy with NAPA Auto Parts. Of course, these are just a few of your options. Check out NAPA’s entire line of vehicle accessories to give your interior and exterior a new look. You can also protect that new look with a custom fit Covercraft car cover.

Now that you know how to trick out your Tesla, you can head to NAPAonline your local NAPA Auto Parts store to get what you need. Don’t forget to sign up for NAPA Rewards where you earn one Point for every $1 you spend either online or at participating stores. Once you rack up 100 Points, you automatically receive $5 off your next NAPA purchase!

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