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How to Decorate Your Garage

Organized tool display. Your garage should show off your car, not cover it with junk.

Let’s talk about your garage. It’s probably a mess, but you’re working on it, right? We all are. So why not go all the way? After you’ve got the junk out and before you put the cars in (finally), let’s talk about how to decorate your garage.

Why Decorate?How to Decorate Your Garage

Your garage is home to your precious vehicles. It should be a place of honor, or at least not one of disgrace. If a neighbor comes over to see the work you’ve done on your car, wouldn’t it be nice to show it off in your garage instead of asking them to meet you down the block so they don’t see what a mess it is?

Decorate With What?

The most important thing about how to decorate your garage is you. What do you like? What fits your lifestyle? What goes with your cars?

If you’re a DIYer, a prominent (but neat) display of the tools you use might be a great way to go. Rummaging through your local antique stores can turn up all kinds of things — posters and brochures of your car from the year it was made, gas station signs or some of those cool old calendars (know your potential visitors and choose wisely).

What If I Want to Get a Little More Involved?

There’s an entire industry devoted to turning garages into showplaces. The good news is that you can get as little or as much of that as you want. Matching cabinets and other storage solutions are a great way to go — a bright white color is terrific for reflecting light back onto your four-wheeled pride and joy (just watch the greasy fingerprints if you do your own work).

Don’t neglect the floor, either. Why settle for a slab of gray concrete when you can have a beautiful, shiny garage floor that reflects even more light onto your vehicle? A lot of car owners go for a “checkered flag” approach, alternating black and white tiles. Choose the right flooring and cleanup can be easy, too, avoiding that old, stained concrete look you may have now.

And, if you’ve got the room, how about some furniture? A couple of killer counter style stools can give you a place to sit and admire the work you’ve done with your newly decorated garage.

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