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How To Tailgate: Get Your Car Ready For College Tailgating

Friends barbecuing at a tailgate party. Some cars are made to tailgate, while others aren't. If you love tailgating, here are some things you'll need.

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition that’s become synonymous with many types of college sporting events. It allows you to enjoy food and drinks with your friends and family as you cheer on your favorite team.

As with most things in life, tailgating requires a certain amount of preparation. Interested in learning how to tailgate like a pro? Keep these essential items in mind when planning your event, and you’ll pave the way for a successful get-together.

Trailer Hitch Receiver Cargo Rack

Great tailgate parties don’t happen by accident. You’ll need the right food and the right music, and this will require a fair amount of gear. There may not be enough room in your vehicle to handle it all. In cases like this, a trailer hitch receiver cargo rack can help. This equipment adds utility and can be used to help you transport the gear you need to make your tailgate event a success.

Auxiliary Speakers

Your car’s speakers may provide a satisfying soundtrack when you’re behind the wheel, but tailgating requires equipment with a bit more muscle. Parties can get noisy, and your speakers have to cut through the din, providing sound that extends beyond the vehicle to reach all those gathered nearby. There are auxiliary speakers on the market that are up to the task. These speakers can connect directly to your phone or car speakers. There are choices offered that are loud enough to keep your tailgate party rocking and rolling.

Seat Covers and Cargo Mats

If you’ve ever hosted a blow-out event, you know that the real challenge comes the day after when you’re faced with that task of cleaning up your pad. There’s a high risk of food and drink spills at tailgate events. Protect your car with seat covers and cargo mats. This will help you avoid damaging your vehicle and its upholstery, regardless of how rowdy things get.

Portable Seating

Seats are often in short supply at tailgate events. Address this head-on by bringing as many portable chairs as your vehicle can accommodate.

Grill Accessory Kit

You’ll need to take utensils with you to your tailgating shindig to handle the food situation. Keeping all those forks, knives and spatulas organized can be a real bear. A grill accessory kit will provide you with all the necessary utensils, organized in a way that’s easy to access.

Umbrellas and Awnings

Sometimes Mother Nature is less than hospitable at tailgate events. Pop-up umbrellas and awnings can help protect you and your guests from the elements.

USB Power Bank

Dead devices are no fun, especially at tailgate parties. A USB power bank gives you the juice you need to keep your electronics up and running.

Beverage Cooler

Icy beverages are a must at any tailgating event. Five- and 10-gallon coolers are available that are roomy enough to keep all your guests’ drinks nice and frosty.

Portable Grill

Last but not least, a portable grill is a key ingredient if you want to make your tailgating party a hit. Some models come with wheels for easy transportation and electronic ignitions that don’t require a lighter or a match.

By rounding up the items listed above, you’ll be prepared to dazzle your guests with a truly memorable tailgating event.

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