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How To Use Sea Foam in a Motorcycle

A motorcycle fuel tank with the cap off.


Motorcycles are wonderful things. You get all the sensations when everything’s going well — and direct feedback when something’s not right. So if your ride starts hesitating, you could grab a wrench and get to work on the fuel system, but first let’s talk about how to use Sea Foam in a motorcycle.

This Will Be QuickTop view of a BMW motorcycle

Not to take away from the glories of hands-on motorcycle maintenance, but the quicker you can solve your problem, the quicker you can get back on the road at full power. Using Sea Foam is the only way to clean your carburetor or fuel injector jets without removing any parts other than the gas cap.

Sea Foam is an EPA-registered motor treatment for gasoline and diesel engines that can help clean injectors and carburetor jets, stabilize and control moisture in fuels, quiet noisy lifters, clean deposits, add lubricity to fuels, lube upper cylinders, de-ice, and anti-gel. You can use it on cars, trucks, tractors, boats, and motorcycles.

How to Use Sea Foam in a Motorcycle:

  1. Remove your fuel tank cap.
  2. Pour one ounce of Sea Foam into the tank for every gallon of gasoline inside. If you’re not sure what’s in there, check your owner’s manual for the fuel tank capacity, and then fill ‘er up. Be sure to leave enough room for one ounce of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel.
  3. Put the fuel tank cap back on.
  4. Start the engine.
  5. Let the engine warm up, and then go for a ride.

Follow Through

Let the bike sit for a couple of days, and then ride it as many days in a row as you can, long enough for the engine to really warm up. When you get down to about a third of a tank, pour the remainder of the Sea Foam bottle into the tank during fill up and then keep riding.

What you’re doing in that initial pause is giving the Sea Foam a chance to work on the gunk that’s built up. With this done, resuming your regular ride schedule ensures that the Sea Foam can get to all the parts it needs to.

It might take a while, but by the time you get through that fill-up with the remainder of the bottle added, you should notice an improvement, if not an outright cure to what was ailing your bike.

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