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Introducing the new NAPA Career blog

Introducing, “So much more than a PARTS Store Career blog.” NAPA is excited to offer a series of Career articles that will focus on the many career opportunities and paths at NAPA.  Since we think there is no better way to share the working experience at NAPA than through the voices of our employees, we will publish interviews with our current employees focused on questions about working for NAPA, the great things NAPA does to give back to the community, and more insight into how we run our very successful business. We hope you will check out our career articles in this blog and perhaps even think about starting a career with us! And finally…we hope you find all parts of this blog enjoyable.

So you probably already know that NAPA has tons of parts for not only cars, motorcycles, boats, ATV, and tractors, but did you know that we are missing some parts? The PARTS we are talking about may be the people that help to make our business successful every day.  We not only sell the best parts and accessories, but we need the best people to come and be a part of our team.

Are you a Gearhead and love cars? Awesome, we would love to have you be a part of us.  Not a gearhead but love helping others? That’s awesome too….we would love to have you as we are looking for people to join us that are passionate about retail and giving our customers a wonderful experience when they come into our stores.  Our people care about others and are powered by getting people their right parts, right away so they can get moving again whether they are in a car, boat, ATV, or tractor.

We are SO much more than a parts store. Most people get into a car, start it up, put the car in gear, turn on the music and move without really thinking about the parts that make all this happen. Parts are very important…we just don’t think about them as we are going through the daily motions of life. We have so many tremendous career opportunities with NAPA in so many different areas. So think about us as a place to come and work, not just a place to buy parts. We think you will be surprised at all the parts that we have to offer you as a career…..Are you or someone you know the missing PART we are looking for?  

Want to learn more about the diverse careers at NAPA? Please visit our career site at and apply.




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NAPA is much more than a parts store. We have positions ranging from Retail Sales Associate, Delivery Driver, Human Resources Representative, Parts Manager, Inventory Manager, and everything in between.

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