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Modern and Effective Truck Lighting Upgrades For Your Rig

Truck traveling on a paved road. Read some truck lighting tips for safer driving at night and off-road.

Having the right truck lighting matters when you’re driving on paved streets. If you’re traveling in rural areas with poor street lighting, or if you frequently cruise down dark highways, effective truck lighting should be a priority. The right lighting is also important if you’re traveling off-road. There aren’t any streetlights in off-road environments, and this can make the terrain much darker than the typical roadway. If you’re taking your truck off the paved path, you’ll need to make sure your vehicle’s lighting is up to the task.

Equipping your pickup truck with the right lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple and effective truck lighting upgrades to consider.

Brighten Your Path With LED Headlights

Does your truck have halogen headlights? If so, here are some great reasons for switching these out for an LED headlight system:

  • LED headlights provide illumination that’s brighter than light generated by halogen bulbs. LED headlights also make it easier to see the road ahead in fog and other situations when visibility is poor. This can make driving safer in certain scenarios.
  • LED headlights have longer life spans than their halogen counterparts, lasting for up to 22 years. Unlike halogen bulbs, they don’t need to be replaced every year or so. As a result, they can save you money in the long run.
  • LED headlights are also more efficient than halogen bulbs. Halogen headlights lose up to 80% of the energy they produce to excessive heat. With LED headlights, up to 80% of the energy used is converted directly into light, and only 20% of the energy is wasted. These headlights provide stronger lighting while taking less of a toll on your truck’s alternator, and also use less fuel than halogen bulbs.

Choose a Light Bar for Maximum Illumination

A light bar is a strip of lighting that’s usually installed on the roof of your truck. Light bars can help improve visibility when you’re traveling down a dark highway. This accessory also serves as an invaluable ally when you’re driving off-road, providing essential illumination that can help you navigate shadowy trails and paths.

Select LED Cube Lights for Superb VersatilityPickup truck headlight

LED lighting offers unparalleled illumination, and cube lights allow you to harness this in a flexible and versatile way. Cube lights may be installed in a host of locations on your truck — you can mount them on the bumpers or the roof rack, and can be affixed to the truck’s trailer. LED cube lights are inexpensive and simple to install.

Effective lighting can help make time spent behind the wheel of your truck safer and less stressful. Whether you choose cube lights, a light bar or LED headlights, affordable and easy-to-install solutions are available.

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