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Must-Have Honda Odyssey Accessories for Your Adventure

Must-Have Honda Odyssey Accessories for Your Adventure

Must-Have Accessories for Your Honda Odyssey Adventure

Summer’s here, and that means vacations are on the agenda. For owners of the award-winning Honda Odyssey, the vacation starts with the ride. Thanks to its ample interior space, super-convenient console and versatile storage options, the Honda Odyssey is a fun and functional family vacation machine—or a unique way to live your best #vanlife!

JD Power ranked the 2022 Honda Odyssey the Best Minivan of 2022, evaluating factors like driving experience and overall quality. But let’s face it, even the most tricked-out minivan needs some additional components to add both a stylish appearance and premium performance. carries a wide range of high-quality Honda Odyssey accessories for both the interior and exterior. From best-selling brands like WeatherTech, Coverking and DashMat to Curt, Bosch and more. Let NAPA Auto Parts help turn any old van vacation into a lasting road trip memory.

Honda Odyssey Interior Accessories

The first lesson of any road trip (especially one with kids and fur-kids) is that you care certain to make messes! From spilled juice, cookie crumbs and melted crayons to pet hair and puppy drool, the floors and seats of your Honda Odyssey need a little protection from odor-causing, unsightly stains.

WeatherTech has become the nation’s go-to interior protection system. They craft high-quality floor mats that use advanced laser measuring systems to ensure your floor mats fit precisely in the footwells of your vehicle. The High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material provides a sturdy, rigid core designed with channeled surfaces, which trap spilled fluids and keep them away from your shoes and the floors of your vehicle. No minivan road trip is complete without a set of WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners. Choose the bundle and keep your 1st row, 2nd row and 3rd row protected on that long road trip.

Whether you roll old school in a custom 2005 Honda Odyssey or a late model Honda Odyssey Hybrid, the seats of your van need just as much love as your floors. Luckily, NAPAonline offers a wide range of great-looking, comfortable and functional options like the Neoprene Seat Covers from Coverking. If you’re looking for a unique leather-like finish on your seats, go with the Coverking Rhinohide Seat Covers. These rough-and-ready, sleek-looking seat covers enrobe your Odyssey’s seats in a layer of super-strong PVC protection that can stand up to the stickiest soda spills and the furriest pet messes. Regardless of your chosen model, these seat covers come with a free installation tool, Kevlar glove, safety glasses and two cover anchor traction pads—a $22 value! Coverking backs its products with a 5-Year Warranty, so you know you’re getting the best, most reliable protection for your summer adventure in your Honda Odyssey.

Upgrade the Shade in Your Honda Odyssey With NAPA

Cruising with the windows down or the AC blasting on your summertime road trip will keep you cool. But, when your vehicle is parked, the sun’s rays can drive temperatures in your vehicle up to unsafe levels, and it can happen fast. One study found that the ambient temperature inside a car parked in the sun on a hot day can reach 116 degrees Fahrenheit in less than an hour. The dashboard can get even hotter, reaching an average of 157 degrees F.

Take precautions and invest in some quality sun protection like the WeatherTech TechShade Sun Shade. Select a windshield shade only or opt for the Full Vehicle Sun Shade Kit so you can keep the sun out of every window of your Honda Odyssey. You can also keep your dashboard cool and prevent UV rays from causing cracks with a DashMat VelourMat Dashboard Cover.

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Honda Odyssey Exterior Accessories

Long road trips are a disaster for the front end of any vehicle, especially in the summer months. The high speeds of interstate highways mean loose pebbles and road debris can fly up and hit your front bumper, grille and windshield, causing expensive damage. And let’s not even mention the bug carnage.

The WeatherTech Bug Deflector uses low-profile aerodynamics to reroute oncoming insects and debris so they travel up and over your windshield. Its aerospace-grade acrylic composition means it can withstand heavy-duty impacts while remaining scratch-proof. Each bug deflector is precision-engineered for a custom fit to the front end of your Honda Odyssey, and installation is fast and straightforward—you don’t need to drill into your hood. Either mount your bug deflector to existing holes in your vehicle’s hood or use the supplied 3M automotive-grade double-sided tape.

Bugs aren’t the only thing WeatherTech deflects from your Honda Odyssey! Check out the WeatherTech Window Deflector, which is the perfect way to let fresh air into your cabin and boost AC efficiency while keeping rain out of your car, all while minimizing wind noise. The WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflector uses the same principle on your sunroof or moonroof.

Can I Tow With My Honda Odyssey?

One of the most exciting hidden superpowers of your Honda Odyssey is its surprising towing capacity. Most model years of the Odyssey come with a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds. But what if you want to tow something larger? Once you do your research on towing a trailer and consult your owner’s manual, you can shop for options like this Curt Receiver Hitch. It is available as a Class 2 Round Hitch, Class 3 Round Hitch or Class 3 Square Hitch. The precision robotic welding process ensures dependable strength, and it was constructed in the U.S.A. Best of all, Curt backs up its craftsmanship with a Lifetime Warranty. Also, don’t forget to complete your aftermarket towing package with the Curt T Connector Wiring Harness for maximum safety while towing your toys!

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to take your Honda Odyssey on an adventure! Before you set out, don’t forget to test your vehicle battery. If your battery is lacking power, NAPAonline offers a wide range of Honda Odyssey batteries so you can make sure you have enough juice for the journey. It’s always a good idea to take the safety and peace of mind of a AAA membership along for the ride, especially when you shop with NAPA. You can enter your membership information at checkout and receive 10% off thousands of parts in the NAPA Auto Parts catalog with AAA Membership Savings! And, if you want to Get Up & Go in a hurry, check out our convenient Curbside Pickup option at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores.

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