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NAPA AutoCare Corner: A Little Act of Kindness goes a Long Way

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Each week the NAPA AutoCare Corner brings you an article from our experts at the NAPA AutoCare Blog.

June 7th, 2016 may have begun like any other day for Iraq War Veteran, Mitch Olsen, but it certainly didn’t end like one.

Mitch had one major issue that just had to be resolved and if prolonged, could’ve risked the security of him and his family, had it not been for the selfless generosity of Hwy 10 Minnoco owner, Jerry Charmoli – a NAPA AutoCare member – and his staff.

Mitch had 4 bald tires. Not only were they bald, one was flat and the others had steel cords coming out of them. Mechanic Bob Shaw of Hwy 10 Minnoco, out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota said that all tires were beyond repair and “downright dangerous to drive on”. With only $32 in his pocket, Mitch was faced with a dilemma…

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