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NAPA Gives Old Cars The “New Car” Commercial Treatment

filming a car commercial

Why do new cars get all the glitz and glamour of the television screen? What happened to rewarding a life well lived and a job well done? New car commercials show a vehicle in its most pristine state, just off the factory floor, handled with kid gloves, and placed on a pedestal. But what happens when that car meets the real world?

After a few years of family trips, long work days, slow commutes and long hauls that pristine showroom finish is gone. The vehicles that make it over 200k miles and a decade of use are the real heroes of the automotive world. We think it is time to recognize these cars & trucks for what they are…transportation. They may have their quirks, dings, dents, but they are dependable as the tides. You may have owned one of these vehicles. It didn’t ask for much, just routine maintenance and the occasional rinse in the local car wash.

We recognize that these cars & trucks deserve their time in the spotlight, which is why they made a few used car “new car” commercials. We think they get the point across quite nicely.

Not every car or truck makes it past the 10 year or 200k mile mark, but those that do have proven their worth. Don’t expect perfection, expect transportation, and you will be rewarded handsomely. If you are in the market for a used car or truck you shouldn’t shy away from these diamonds in the rough. You can rest assured knowing that even though it isn’t brand new, it can be new to you. With a little bit of NAPA Know How and quality NAPA parts, you can have that “new car” feeling without the new car price tag.

To learn how to make your vehicle go the extra mile, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.

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With an automotive writing career spanning over two decades, Brian has a passion for sharing the automotive lifestyle. An avid DIYer he can usually be found working on one of his many project cars. His current collection includes a 1969 Olds Delta 88 convertible, BMW E46 sedan, and a slant-6 powered 1975 Plymouth Duster.

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