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NAPAonline Introduces STEDI Lighting

NAPAonline Introduces STEDI Lighting

NAPAonline Introduces STEDI Lighting

If you are searching online for the best LED lights for a Jeep or the best off-road truck lights, then look no further than the rugged outback. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, STEDI exterior lights are everything you are seeking. This extremely popular line of aftermarket automotive accessories is famous for its cutting-edge design and industry-leading performance. Although only recently introduced to the American market, the STEDI brand is already an obsession for off-road enthusiasts.  

It is easy to see why STEDI offers the brightest LED lights, striking a balance between maximizing performance and outstanding style. STEDI is passionate about designing and manufacturing the best LED lighting components in the auto customization game, with pricing that makes LED light upgrades available to every driver. STEDI had to traverse many obstacles to get LED electrical technology to a stable place that drivers could take on, and off, the road. It took years of innovation and testing. Now that LEDs are more common, cheap imitations have flooded the online market. Yet, STEDI’s brilliance remains a beacon of quality.

STEDI High-Performance LED Automotive Lights

The STEDI parts catalog includes a range of driving lights, light bars, flood lights, light cubes and rock lights, which sets a pinnacle in the market for an entire plug-and-play lighting system. This collection of off-road driving lights satisfies every need, both optically and aesthetically, with maximum compatibility for every vehicle on the market.

Take a peek at the STEDI Black Edition LED Light Cube encased in a lightweight, weatherproof, solid, die-cast aluminum housing. This 4,200-lumen emitter produces one of the most powerful lights in its class, sure to illuminate any dark conditions. And, no detail is lost when STEDI is on the trail thanks to its mounting brackets, wiring harnesses and switch panels. Additionally, when it comes to STEDI accessories, don’t forget to throw on an attention-grabbing (or camouflaging) STEDI cover.

These aren’t your conventional, out-on-the-range, mounted exterior lights. STEDI lights are visually stunning. When it comes to state-of-the-art LED truck lights, STEDI is blazing new pathways with dynamic applications, daring you to look away.

NAPAonline Introduces STEDI Lighting

LED Driving Lights & Light Bars for Trucks

Some of the best LED driving lights for trucks are in the TYPE-XTM series, a leader in reliable light output. Check out the STEDI Type-X Sport LED Driving Lights, which come with an EMI & RFI Suppression circuitry guarantee and a 5-Year Warranty. This advanced design is waterproof (up to 3 meters) and IP68 dust/particle sealed. Or, go with the STEDI Type-X EVO LED Driving Light, which projects 18,920 raw lumens, for up to 140 meters, to create the perfect auxiliary driving light. The STEDI EVO Light has a color temperature of 5000K and can operate at temps from -40°C to 60°C with both spotlight and floodlight modes.

And last, but certainly not at the back of the pack, are LED light bars for trucks. STEDI light bars are a fantastic addition to any truck grille or Jeep roof. The STEDI ST3303 Pro Double Row LED Light Bar is offered in three sizes, each with a 5-Year Warranty. After years of adjustment, this STEDI off-road light bar has a substantially high lumen density that greatly enhances the optic and emitter size ratio. The heavy-duty, dual-relay and dual-fused wiring harness is a true powerhouse.

Whether you are adding an LED truck light bar or installing an entire STEDI lighting system, you can trust NAPA professionals to handle the job. If this customization is a bit too much for you to take on, contact your local NAPA Auto Care center. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to provide expert aftermarket personalization service to produce an outstanding ride.

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