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NAPA’s Free Vehicle Health Check Is October 12th, 2019

NAPA's Free Vehicle Health Check Is October 12th

Whether you’re a DIY car guy or the person who always ignores their warning light — it’s time for a vehicle health check. On October 12th, bring your vehicle to your local participating NAPA AUTO PARTS store and NAPA AutoCare technicians will inspect it free of charge. So no matter who you are, or what you drive, we’ve got your back.

For more information about participating locations and timing please check our map and with your local store:

Not sure if you need a vehicle health check? Here’s some points to ponder:

Fuel System Treatment

Adding a Fuel System Treatment to your car with every oil change will help remove excess buildup and deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, and intake valves which may improve fuel mileage, enhance performance, and reduce emissions.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters block airborne contaminants, pollen, dust, toxins, allergens and the like that can cause smelly build-up caused by mold, mildew, algae and more. Cabin air filters should be inspected every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Tire Air Pressure

Proper tire inflation can affect the control you have of the vehicle, fuel economy, wear of the tires, tire failure rate, and the comfort of your ride. Regularly check tire pressures to the tire PSI recommendations, particularly with temperature change.


While only 25% of driving happens at night, nearly 50% of all accidents occur after dark. Also, as your headlights age they produce less light for a shorter view of the road! Upgrade your headlights in pairs with premium bulbs for whiter, brighter and safer visibility!

Air Filter

The role of an engine air filter is to filter the air and prevent harmful things like leaves, insects and contaminants from entering your engine. Engine air filters should be inspected every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Wiper Blades

You should replace your wiper blades every 6 to 9 months to maintain the safest visibility in adverse weather conditions. Also remember you might have a rear blade if you have a SUV or CUV. Washer fluid is also important to a clean and clear view.

Brake Inspection

Rubber components within your vehicle’s calipers and brake hoses can deteriorate, over time, causing uneven or premature brake pad and rotor wear. Have your calipers and brake hoses checked during every brake job.


The summer intense heat and winter severe cold can adversely affect the life expectancy of your battery. Be sure to have your battery tested every time you have your vehicle serviced to ensure you have the power when you need it.

Ride Control

Shocks and struts can affect your vehicle’s stopping distance. Properly functioning shocks and struts are necessary for a safe and comfortable ride. Consider replacing shocks and struts every 75,000 miles.

Cooling System

A vehicle’s engine cooling system is comprised of a number of parts that work together to circulate engine coolant throughout the system. The radiator, thermostat, water pump and cooling hoses should be periodically inspected as they all play critical roles in ensuring proper engine heat management is attained under any driving condition.

Check out all the maintenance parts available on NAPA Online or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs. For more information on a vehicle health check, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.

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