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Pet Proofing Your Vehicle’s Interior

Pet Proofing Your Vehicle's Interior

There are several different types of pets, and let’s face it; you don’t need any special equipment to clean up after that pet goldfish. However, cat and dog owners (and furry friends in general) need extra tools to protect and clean their vehicles! With the risk of shedding, spills and bathroom accidents, you will want to protect your investment. Additionally, you should keep in mind passengers who are possibly not as comfortable around your pets or might have allergies, so minimizing pet dander is a must. Consider looking into car seat covers, interior trash cans, pet-safe cleaners, vehicle dividers that can turn your rear cargo space into an oversized pet crate and even WeatherTech accessories to protect your upholstery.

Start with Pet Car Seat Covers

The first thing you should consider purchasing is the black rear quilted pet cover, which is manufactured using a heavy-duty quilted material that is safe to wash, perfect for animals of all sizes and will seamlessly fit most back seats. The quilted car seat cover for pets is engineered using 600-D water-resistant material, which protects against strange liquids and smells seeping into your upholstery. The protector secures using the included straps and buckles behind the headrest for an easy installation. If you don’t want to throw it into the washing machine, you can easily use a damp rag to spot-clean it in a hurry. For individual pet car seat covers, consider the adorable Kraco Seat Cover, which sports little paw print designs and is a waterproof, washable option for front seats or individual back seats and protects against pets and messy kids who both spill, drip and are known to track dirt.

Save Your Passengers with Car Pet BarriersWeatherTech Pet Barrier

For your friends and passengers who aren’t as comfortable with animals, you’ll love the WeatherTech Pet Barrier and the Barrier Extension (if needed) to separate your animals confined to either the front or rear of your vehicle. Pet barriers for cars aren’t just for protecting jumpy pets, but are a critical safety feature, especially for overly excited or nervous animals who may present a safety hazard as you drive. The WeatherTech barrier is a secure option made using heavy-grade steel tubes that will not shatter or bend and are adjustable to fit your vehicle perfectly. The simple setup requires no drilling and comes protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Toting your fluffy buddies along on your adventures is very important, even if it’s just a trip to the vet. Often times they love the journey of driving adventures as much as we do! The car pet barrier keeps them comfortably and securely out of the way and gives you peace of mind no matter their amount of excitement. NAPA sells several kinds of pet carrier barriers, and the variety offered gives every pet owner a solution that suits them best in a wide range of designs and prices.

Pet Ramps for Cars to the Rescue

In addition to its washable floor mats, WeatherTech offers the WeatherTech Pet Ramp for cars, which is ideal for aging animals, pets that can no longer jump up into your vehicle or owners who cannot lift their furry friends into that car, truck or SUV. You don’t have to worry about leaving any pet behind when you have this textured rubber ramp, which is full of traction and made to support up to 300 pounds, although weighing only 16 pounds. This car pet ramp for cars is foldable and proudly manufactured in the USA. You will love its sturdiness and adaptability.

Car Trash Cans to Save Time & Your Interior

From an occasional accident in your back seat to a sick animal who needs a quick clean-up on the go, a portable trash can could save time and your interior, thus giving peace of mind when you want to stay clean and tidy. Make cleanup easier and more convenient when you tote an interior car trash can, which hangs securely on your back seat or can sit on the floor. The bin is watertight and has an easy-to-use flip top and a front dispenser to holds extra trash bags. It also includes 2 hanging hooks. Additionally, this item is dishwasher safe or you can wipe it clean anytime.

Now, take advantage of NAPA’s curbside pickup! Order all the parts you need to stay on top of pet parenthood, including pet tie chains and interior cleaners, which can help you rack up the NAPA Rewards. Sign up today and get one Point for every $1 you spend! When you need protective car seat covers for pets or are searching for the best way to keep your car, truck or SUV safe from the wear and tear of dogs, cats and other animals, look no further than NAPA because we love pets just as much as you do.

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