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Solving GM 1.4L Ecotec Oil Burning Problems

Solving GM 1.4L Ecotec Oil Burning Problems

NAPA Solutions logoWhen General Motors’ 1.4L Ecotec engines started to exhibit higher than normal oil consumption, owners and technicians alike had reason to panic. Assuming the worst – that the engines’ internals were wearing prematurely, almost certainly indicating catastrophic damage – techs were relieved to discover the root of GM 1.4L Ecotec oil burning was far simpler.

Finding The Problem

The small non-return valve built into the intake manifold as part of the PCV system routinely becomes dislodged once the engine had some age and miles on it. This valve, little more than a simple rubber flap with a keeper tab on one side, drops out of its mount with nothing to secure it in place. Once this valve is gone (it’s typically sucked through the intake system and combusted), vaporized oil is free to pass through the engine, resulting in the higher oil consumption.

Finding A Solution

Replacing the original intake manifold with a new factory part may take care of the immediate problem, but it virtually ensures the owner will be making the same repair again in the future. Once NAPA’s ideation team looked at the source of the problem, they developed a smart solution to keep the valve located, even if its keeper should wear out. By incorporating a retainer insert into the intake manifold, the valve in this improved design is now captive, eliminating the chance it will ever become dislodged.

Retainer insert ensures the PCV valve (orange) stays in place in the manifold. This solves the 1.4L Ecotec oil burning.
Retainer insert ensures the PCV valve (orange) stays in place in the manifold.

This NAPA Advantage intake manifold (Part # NOE 60215541) takes care of inherent problem in the OEM design, but the team’s engineers discovered the troubles didn’t end by just replacing the manifold. The original failure has a side effect, causing damage to other critical components.NOE 60215541 INTAKE MANIFOLD

When the valve in the factory intake manifold disappears it creates excessive vacuum, damaging the fragile diaphragm integrated into the valve cover’s PCV cap. The result is a rough running condition from air being drawn into the engine through this opening.

The proper fix is to replace both the intake manifold and the valve cover (Part # NOE 60023271) at the same time. With the NAPA Advantage intake manifold and NAPA direct replacement valve cover, owners can put a lid on excessive oil consumption caused by the original equipment design.

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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