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Test Store Introduces New Style with Exciting Grand Opening Event

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening high angle

The NAPA AUTO PARTS store in the Atlanta suburb of East Cobb is smack in the middle of my old stomping grounds. Having grown up just a few miles away, I depended on this location for parts for my first car. Now, though, the look is all new inside, updated to become a test store and, if successful, a model for future NAPA retail locations.

A clean, clutter-free layout, a long list of newly available products and improved merchandising make finding the tools, parts and accessories you need easier than ever. And to celebrate the changes, NAPA has planned a grand opening event not to be missed.

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening action alley

What’s New

From the outside, the store is familiar but fresh. Walk through the front doors, though, and this NAPA location is definitely unique. A wide, central aisle called “action alley” welcomes customers and leads to the relocated service counter. Behind it, racks of parts show off NAPA’s broad inventory.

This NAPA store is stocked with a wide variety of newly added items. In fact, fully 15 percent of the items in the store are new offerings from NAPA. All the parts and accessories you’d typically find on our shelves are still available, too: car cleaning, engine oil, performance additives, bulbs, wipers and vehicle batteries.

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening jacks lifting

You’ll find a shopping experience that’s vastly improved, thanks to a neater, more accessible layout. The lifting equipment section is a perfect example. Jacks and jack stands are displayed out of the box, allowing you to see and touch each of the choices. Informative labels help you decide which product is best for you.

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening connectivity

Another section includes technology to upgrade your vehicle with the latest electronics, like Bluetooth hands-free systems and backup cameras. Display units allow you to see, touch and experience items before you buy.

In the wipers section, you can find all the options that fit your vehicle using a new electronic tablet. Gone are the old, tattered books you’ll find at competitors’ stores.

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening wipers

As always, this redesigned store offers a huge array of parts stored behind the counter, as well as the expert Know How you depend on to get the best parts for your vehicle and your needs.

NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening counter


NAPA AUTO PARTS Merchant's Walk Grand Opening Carlyle Tools

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