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The Best Lithium-Ion Battery for Your Powersport Vehicle

The Best Lithium-Ion Battery for Your Powersport Vehicle

The Powerful Rush for Adventure

If you’re like adrenaline junkies all over the world, you crave the kind of thrilling excursion that takes you far from your everyday routine. Now, thanks to the excitement and versatility of off-road motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs (utility task vehicles), there’s almost no limit to the fun you can have on two or four wheels. 

But, before you grab your helmet and get into the great outdoors, you should always consider a critical part of your powersport vehicle—the battery. Just like an automotive battery, a powersport battery is required for engine ignition, lighting and charging. Choosing the right powersport battery for your motorcycle, weekend toy or outdoor rig is critical for your safety, the safety of those around you and the environment. 

A Charge You Can Rely On

Conventional lead acid batteries have been around for decades and use lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity. While these batteries are affordable, they can require a high level of maintenance. Activating these batteries may mean manually filling up and topping off the corrosive electrolyte solution, making them inconvenient and dangerous if not handled properly. 

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries gained popularity in the 1980s for their minimized risk of spilling. They use fiberglass separators between electrodes, which absorb and hold the corrosive electrolyte so it is not free-flowing around the battery housing. These batteries typically come “factory-activated,” meaning you don’t have to fill or refill any corrosive chemicals. Though they are a safer alternative to AGM batteries, they tend to discharge quickly and are not an ideal option for powersport vehicles that may only get use on weekends.

These days, most outdoor enthusiasts shopping for powersports parts and accessories opt for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to charge their rugged rides. These convenient batteries use the same rechargeable battery technology that powers our laptops, cellphones and tablets, as well as countless other modern devices. Within a lithium-ion battery, lithium ions move through a conducted electrolyte between the anode (negative electrode) and the cathode (positive electrode). Electrons flow in the opposite direction on the outer circuit, which creates the current that powers the device. As you use the device, the anode releases ions to the cathode. When the device is charging, the opposite happens. Li-ion batteries allow your devices to run longer and recharge quicker, making them the most popular rechargeable battery technology on the market today. Now, you can harness that power and versatility to charge your powersport rig! 

Whether you choose a lead acid, AGM or Li-ion battery, proper disposal and battery recycling are critical for your safety, the safety of your neighbors and the environment. Recycling these batteries keeps their harmful chemicals and components out of soil and groundwater. Also, it helps recover valuable materials like copper, silver, gold and palladium that are recyclable to make new batteries and electronics. For more information on battery and electronic recycling, as well as locating a recycling center, check out

Choosing the Best Lithium-Ion BatteryBosch Ultra-Light Lithium-ion (li-ion) PowerSport Battery

If your vehicle doesn’t have a battery already, start by referring to the owner’s manual of your motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Check the size, cold cranking amps and battery type, as well as terminal location. If you don’t have access to the original owner’s manual, check online forums and social channels for digital copies and vehicle-specific information. 

For demanding usages like cold weather starts and long-term performance, the Bosch Lithium-Ion PowerSport Battery is the best lithium-ion battery for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Its ultra-lightweight design is up to 60% lighter than other models and provides strong, reliable power, even in extreme off-road conditions. It features 10X the deep-cycle resistance over conventional lead acid batteries and offers lightning-fast recharge times. 

Bosch batteries are synonymous with performance in the powersport industry, and upgrading to a Bosch Lithium-Ion PowerSport Battery means you get the most advanced Li-ion technology in a compact battery that won’t leak, so you can mount it virtually anywhere. These batteries are designed to last up to 4X longer and are 100% maintenance-free. Best of all, with Bosch’s state of charge indicator, you never have to guess how much juice your battery has remaining. 

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